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Are these really must-have shoes?


Don't ask me how I wound up on the website for Oprah's magazine....you never know where link-chasing will take you.

But apparently, the above shoe is a must-have for this spring/summer.

"Look for a classic shape in gold or a neutral color, dressed up with sequins or satin," we're advised.

Somehow, I don't see this as a classic. Would Audrey Hepburn wear this?

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Don't know about Audrey Hepburn... but Pamela Anderson maybe... :)


I'm still of the "earth shoes" mentality. Sigh.

They will not be added to my wardrobe :) Funny!!

Definitely not in my book either. I just threw out some black shoes with a similar cut - very classic - almost fell down seeing what how they still fit - out they went

They are beautiful but I don't see myself in the sandpit at the park with those on my footsies. Did they say what color nail polish was a must?

Barb Cabot:

You know I love shoes and love sparkle and glitter but I try to wear shoes for comfort these days. If I wear heels it would most likely be where I know I'd be sitting down. Can't imagine walking for a long time or standing in high heels any longer. I'm all about comfort. I'd opt for gemmed out sandals.

in my fantasies - maybe.


Thanks everyone for the comments!

Besides the heel being just too high for me to manage, certainly, what struck me was that these just have too much going on. Either the bow or the glitter or the slingback would have to go!

And Angie, I have a horrible feeling Oprah's stylist would suggest a really glittery nail polish. Yikes!!!

Ha ha. I think they're pretty tacky, not to mention what they would do to my poor feet!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, entertaining post. I'm not sure my feet can even fit in these? :)

Have a great day.

Hmmmm..not a gold or sequins fan here, even though I love shoes and own some that have my husband shaking his head.
Now, if they were in silver... (kidding).


I checked out the full list. I will not be buying any of them and I predict some of them will be shown as "fashion don'ts" in the next years.


Annie, tacky does come to mind when I see these! Although, as Candi says, maybe silver wouldn't be so bad.....

Kathy, I'm with you -- I have size 11.5 feet, so I suspect I'd look like a drag queen if I tried these.

Kathryn, you may be on to something! In 6 or 12 months, after Kate Spade has sold a tonne of these, they'll probably be declared utterly "out" and will have to be replaced with.....flats? Something radically different.

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