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At home in Anghiari


I’ve mentioned that I’ll be spending a week in June in a house that I’ve rented with a friend in the small town of Anghiari, near Arezzo and located on the boundary between Tuscany and Umbria.

The town looks quite interesting – the photos remind me a bit of Cortona, which is a very nice, small Tuscan town. Not a huge number of Very Important Sites to see, perhaps, but a comfortable feel and some interesting museums and churches.

The above photo is from Bill Thayer’s excellent website and was taken inside the Cappella del Tribunale, part of Anghiari’s Palazzo Pretorio. (Bill is a fellow Slow Traveler whose website is especially good on churches in Umbria as well as less known spots.)

Here is how Bill describes Anghiari: “The town has managed to tread the careful line between tourism and a live place; it's mostly late medieval on one hill, with fairly modern livable extensions along various roads. Most of the churches were open, and though none is astonishing in any way, they're all worth a look — and the Palazzo Comunale, referred to here as the Palazzo Pretorio, has a whole ground floor of frescoes including a "Cappella del Tribunale" with a whole assortment of nicely restored stuff, late 15c mostly I think.”

The Palazzo has served as town hall, for Anghiari’s 6,000 residents.


Bill also has much praise for the Museo Statale Taglieschi (in the palazzo by the same name ) which he says is “full of interesting stuff, and deceptively large, too.” It apparently boasts 20 rooms containing, paintings, wooden sculptures, terracottas, incuding works by Luca della Robbia of Florence and Jacopo della Querica.

So, Anghiari may prove to be a very interesting base for a week!

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I think it sounds very interesting! I usually like the churches without astonishing stuff a lot. Those frescoes will be fun to see, and I bet the food in this town will be great.

I looks beautiful. I'd love to go and have a coffee with you. That bright sun after the Parisian sky... ho hum


Annie, I agree. Sometimes the less astonishing churches are the most charming. And I can't wait for some good, authentic Italian food!

Hi Angie, I'm also longing for some sunshine.....

Sandra, it sounds very interesting and looks very pretty. I can't wait to see through your eyes in June.

Barb Cabot:

It looks like a little jewel of a town. I'm so happy for you and anxious to learn more through your eyes. About that coffee with Angie...I'd love to join you (wishing here)

It sounds like the perfect place for exploring. The frescoes look wonderful


Sounds like a very interesting destination! How exciting to be looking forward to a great trip!

That sounds brilliant. Frankly I far more enjoy the 'run-of-the-mill' churches than the ones that serve to overwhelm. I know that you will spend a lot of time in each!


Thanks everyone! It always fun to plan a trip to Italy, to think about all of the fantastic options!


Anghiari sounds heavenly! I remember reading up on it when planning our family trip back in 2007, but we ended up sticking close to Florence and Venice that time. I'll be very interested to read of your visit there!

I am looking forward to learning more about Anghiari. Hope you will be able to blog a bit or it not, we will just have to wait until you return to hear about your stay there.

Shelagh (SJ):

We stayed in a villa nr. Anghiari in 2006; on the road to Caprese Michelangelo, also worth a visit.
Then keep going on that road , up into the hills, to the astonishing monastery in La Verna!
St. Francis is associated with it, and it really is amazing.


Thanks Shelagh for these suggestions. I've been thinking about La Verna, it sounds so interesting!

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