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Don't forget Foligno


I’ve driven through Foligno several times now, gotten on and off the train, picked up a rental car, returned the rental car. But haven’t ever visited the city itself.

Perhaps this June? The 13th century Duomo looks lovely!

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We had a wonderful lunch there one year - about 6-8 years ago. It was at a B&B on the flat land. I wish I could remember the name. Sorry, not much help.

It does look lovely. So manu places to visit!

Yes, this does look interesting. So much to see, so little time :-)

My only memory of Foligno (besides the train station) is the little arch so out of place smack dab in the middle of traffic with the modern buildings as background. I just realized that I have not posted any photos (or very few) from my time in Umbria. I am going to post the photo of the arch tomorrow. Thanks for the blog post idea :)


Thanks, everyone! It's so true -- so many lovely, interesting spots, so little travel time!

Girasoli, I can't wait to see your photos from Umbria. I know they'll be stunning.

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