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Half-baked Lasagne


I don’t often cook in large quantities; I don’t have children to feed and I don’t care for leftovers.

Many of my single friends cook in bulk fairly often, perhaps preparing a large dish of something on the weekend, and then freezing single servings to take for lunches or for dinners during the week.

But a week ago, a very dear friend gave birth to twins! Yay – everyone is happy and healthy, including her 2-year-old toddler who seems very pleased with his new brother and sister.

That’s a lot of small children (and large diapers) for my friend to deal with, so to help out, I baked 5 meal-sized lasagne for her and her husband, plus a batch of almond cookies. (Of course, if I were a REALLY good friend, I would have offered to babysit her trio. But I didn’t. I know where my strengths lie.)


I followed Letizia’s wonderful lasagne recipe, almost doubling it, and also followed her excellent advice: I only half-baked the lasagne, which my friend is freezing for future use. According to Letizia, the lasagne tastes even better if you finish the cooking process just before it is served.

As my reward, after the cooking spree, I guzzled my favourite limone drink:


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That is impressive. I've never heard the half-bake lasagne strategy - I shall have to try that out.

What a great friend she has in you, Sandra.
Thanks for the tip about half baking the lasagna for freezing.


Jerry, Candi, Letizia has told me this before....I guess it has to do with freshness? The lasagna in its most pure state?

I have never heard of the half-baked strategy either. As a single person, I often cook 3-4 meals and freeze some for lunches or dinners later on. It is too hard to keep fresh vegetables from going bad any other way.

You are so sweet to make all these meals for your friend. Had to laugh where you drew the line :)

I apologize for taking so long to send that email. I started it but then.... I also will have to delay the arch post one more day but it is ready to go tomorrow.

Don't forget to send me the info about your flight and a photo. I am off Friday and hope to catch up on everything IF I don't end up being on the phone with MLB for half the day.

Oh, by the way, what is the name/brand of your espresso machine? Looks familiar but I can't place it.

I also love limonata! Fell in love with it of course while I was in Italy.

where were you when I had my little girl?

Cooking vs. babysitting, hmmm. Either one is very appreciated, I am sure! Your lasagna looks delicious and I wish I had one of those cookies right now. :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, like Candi said, you are a really great and very thoughtful friend. That's a great tip from Letizia. Thanks so much for passing it on to us too. I'm like your friends, I like cooking on the weekend for the week. Congrats to your friend and you deserve that nice limone drink after all that cooking and baking. Have a great day.


Hi Girasoli, I know what you mean about trying to keep fresh vegetables -- I wind up buying a lot of frozen veggies for just that reason! Oh, and the brand of my espresso machine is Breville. It's v. good, although I alternate with my stovetop Bialetti!

Thanks so much for the countdown meter and I will pick out a pix and send it to you soon. And good luck with the MLB-TV people.

Angie, I just don't know how working moms can keep up with everything!

Annie, I'm pretty lazy and cooking always looks like an easy out to me.

Hi Kathy -- thanks! I do love a good, cold, bitter limone drink.

You are one very, very good friend - wish I lived closer - that lasagna looks great!

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