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I have my plane ticket, my trip is on!


I’m feeling very pleased – I just bought my ticket to Italy for June, using Air Canada Aeroplan points. I’m on my way!

Not immediately, of course. But in only about 12 weeks. Which isn’t long, especially since I must now begin to save money to actually pay for this adventure.

But I’ll think about THAT tomorrow (as Scarlett O’Hara would say. Hmm, perhaps I’ll also cut down the curtains to make a new dress for the trip.)


Most of my vacation will be spent in Umbria, of course. I’m not sure I’ll have time to return to Todi, although I love its church of San Fortunato (show in the top photo.)

Perhaps I’ll return to San Pietro in Valle near Spoleto (seen in the photo just above.)

But I am certain that I’ll visit the Bevagna area and the beautiful Genius Loci Country Inn, with its spectacular views:


I’ll also have a week in Anghiari, on the Tuscan-Umbrian boundary. And at the end, 3 days in Rome.

What could be better?

By the way, I’m very pleased with Air Canada’s Aeroplan. I’ve flown often on points before, always within Canada, and I’ve always found decent routes booking on-line.

But their international choices all showed pretty complicated, often unpleasant, routes with two or three connections, very long (or impossibly short) layovers – the kinds of itineraries that would discourage anyone from trying to fly on points.

So, I gave them a quick call yesterday and to my amazement, the Aeroplan agent and I simply worked out an entirely new itinerary – for the same number of points, I now have something much more reasonable. Only one connection flying to and from Rome, good connection times, very good departure times as well.

So far, so good!

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YAY! I love it when I get the ticket for a trip--makes it feel real. Lovely plans you have, Sandra.

Yay! Congratulations. I know what a good feeling it is to have the ticket purchased and in hand.


Hooray!!!! So glad you have your tickets taken care of - great that you had such a good experience with Aeroplan.

That angel in the top photo is so odd. Arms spread wide, yet aren't those wings crossed over the torso? A gesture of modesty? Or do I need new glasses? (Ok, actually I do have new ones on order, but my old ones aren't SO bad! lol)

I know that feeling~ I just bought my tickets for Italy in May.
I will miss Rome this time, spending my time in Florence and Bologna... and of course time for cooking in Montisi.
Maybe I should look at a new apron made of drapes too.

This is very exciting news! I'm so glad you were able to work out a better route. The flying can be so wearing on you, especially with lots of connections. Congratulations! Would you like me to make you another trip countdown?


Girasoli, thanks so much!That would be great. You make a wonderful trip countdown clock -- I'm just sorry that you're not doing one for yourself this year. But your focus on your photography this summer will likely more than compensate.

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