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I wish that I had a unicorn....


But that’s not likely, is it? So, I’ll settle for another visit to the Galleria Borghese when I’m in Rome in June. There, I can admire Raphael’s Portrait of Young Woman with Unicorn, an oil on panel, finished around 1506.

I do love this gallery and I think that for first time, I might sign up for a proper, guided tour instead of wandering around, assisted only by the Gallery’s audio guide and my own notes.

I see that Context Rome is offering a guided tour beginning at the inhumanely early hour of 8:40 a.m. It will be a challenge for me to get up there in time from the Campo de' Fiori area (I’m not exactly an early bird) but at least I won’t waste my time in Rome sleeping in!


And of course, I look forward to seeing Caravaggio’s David with the Head of Goliath, finished somewhere between 1609 and 1610. It has been argued that Caravaggio painted his own agonized face on the severed head, as an act of contrition.

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So you are stopping in Rome? How great! I love the Borghese Gallery. I definitely recommend Context Rome, worth getting up early.


I wish I were somewhere else instead of working on report cards... and I do not have Rome in my future... :(


Hi Candi, yes I think I will have 3 days in Rome at the end of Umbria. I've also done a few tours with Context and I agree, they really do a wonderful job of providing.... well, context (!) for whatever it is you are seeing.

Eden, sorry to hear that there's no Rome in your near future AND report cards to deal with!


the "young woman" reminds me of Brenda from high school

Ahh, the Borghese, si!


Yes, menehune, can't wait!

Hi Kathryn, you're right! The high forehead, v. blonde colouring....Brenda should be flattered. Wherever she is.


Where will you stay in the Campo dei Fiore area? Same apt from before, or your favorite hotel?


Ah, the Borghese...good times! What a beautiful gallery and full of such treasures. I found Bernini's Pluto and Proserpina utterly compelling. I know it's a violent subject, but the sculpture is just so incredibly dynamic, I could hardly peel myself away. The look of mad glee on Pluto's face when viewed from a certain specific angle is arresting. And where his fingers dig into Persephone's flesh, one can almost feel the pain.

And Titian's Sacred and Profane...and Canova's sculpture of Pauline Bonaparte. *Sigh* Someday, I'll be back!

I'm so glad you are planning a few days in Rome. I know how much you love it there. I think a tour (although I agree that is much too early to start a tour) is a great idea. I would love to return to the Borghese again someday.

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