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I know that I'm not the only fan of the wonderful, bittersweet Italian film The Best of Youth (La meglio gioventù.) I loved much of the music in the film, especially this song by artist Cesária Évora, titled Sodade, which roughly translates as "Longing."

In the film, it plays hauntingly in the background during a particularly poignant scene and it always sends shivers down my spine.


Cesária Évora has been nicknamed "the barefoot diva" because of her penchant for performing sans shoes (as she did in Ottawa several summers ago.) She was born in 1941 in Cape Verde, a small republic off the west caost of Africa that was once colonized by Portugal (which explains why she sings in Portuguese.)

I don't understand the language, but to me the melody and her voice are so evocative of longing that I don't need to know the words.

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Count me in on being a fan as well - I think it was the slow travel boards that turned me on to this movie - my son made a copy for me...luscious!

So beautiful, Sandra. 'haunting' is a good descriptor. Thank you for sharing.


Another fan here! Thanks for the link to this video, Sandra. I agree it doesn't matter in the least not knowing the language, her voice is so evocative, the mood is universal.

Amazing movie. I need to watch that again someday soon. Great song. I am trying to remember when it was played in the movie.


Menehune, I have a copy as well, it's one of those films that I can watch parts of over and over again (of course, it helps that it's 6 hours long so it lends itself to being watched in pieces!)

Thanks Deborah! Anne, the mood is so haunting in this song.

Girasoli, the song plays in the background when the younger brother and his mom visit Stromboli, off the coast of Sicily (where the woman photographer lives.)

I saw Cesaria Evora perform in San Francisco at the Jazz Festival - mesmerizing! And yes, she was barefoot. It was after the release of "Cafe Atlantico," which is one of my very favorite CDs. I need to add it to my iTunes library, and check out her latest music!

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