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March comes in like a lion?


Actually, March came in today around here like a lamb, so it may go out as a lion. But I’ll worry about that later.

Meanwhile, my brother’s cat Timothy seems to think he’s a lion.


Tim was a feral kitten when he moved in with my brother last spring. He has since grown to a monstrous size, in part because he gets little exercise. He appears to be very unhappy about snow, and only rarely goes outside. And when he does, he picks up his paws as if he has stepped in something disgusting and heads back indoors ASAP.

When I was visiting Alberta last week, I was able to lure Timothy outside – briefly – with my scarf. But he soon caught on to my game and dashed back inside.

Today also marks the first day of March Madness, when a group of my fellow bloggers attempts to post daily through the month.....good luck to us all!

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Tim is so cute!
I feel like I need the luck too. Geez, now I am wondering what was I thinking:)

Aww, Timothy is a cute and healthy looking fellow. I love those tabby stripes, swirls and colors.

And yes, good luck to all the mad bloggers! I had hoped to stockpile a few posts but did not find the time to do it, so this will be a true challenge!


Tim really does look like a Mountain Lion in that picture! March arrived here like a lion.Very windy.Eagerly awaiting the lamb!


Hi Candi, this could be a month with a lot of photos posted!

Annie, it's very hard to get a photo of Tim -- he seems to always be in motion! He's a big boy, but my brother has put him on a diet. There is going to be some howling over that!

Sheri, I hope March does in fact go out like a lamb for you!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, Timothy is a cutie and smart too since he caught on to your scarf lure ... :)

Have fun blogging.


I am with Timothy. I do not like snow either. Cute cat though.

What a great cat!


Ooooh, looking forward to the blog post-a-day!

Good luck with March Madness Sandra! I've just caught up on a bunch of your recent posts, and they are all wonderful! Looking forward to the month!



Thanks everyone!I think there could be a lot of cat photos ( and, of course, Italy photos) coming up!

Barb Cabot:

I really really enjoy reading your blog. So happy I can look forward to a daily dose this merry month of March. Timothy is beautiful too!


Great idea for your first March madness post. And Tim is so cute!!

I'll definitely take all the luck I can get to meet this challenge!

Timothy is a beautiful cat. I don't blame him for not liking the snow either.

Had to laugh that he caught on to your game. March came in like a lion here. We have had high wind warnings off and on all week. Hope spring arrives soon for you.

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