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Don’t you love Montefalco? It’s such a lovely Umbrian hill town and very rich in frescos.

I’ve visited twice and not for long enough either time. So I’m determined to visit again in June. I would like to return to the church of San Francesco, which is now the town’s museum. It boasts some stunning frescos, including a remarkable fresco cycle on the life of St. Francis, by Benozzo Gozzoli (1450-1452). Other artists represented in the museum include Perugino, Melanzio, Pier Antonio Mezzastris, Antoniazzo Romano and Tiberio d'Assisi.

There are several other churches in Montefalco that I haven’t even begun to explore. For example, this fresco above was photographed by Slow Traveler Bill Thayer in the Convento di San Fortunato, a church and abbey near Montefalco.


And this, just above and also from Bill Thayer, is a detail of a fresco of the Coronation of the Virgin in Sant'Agostino. I’m hoping to see this as well as newly restored frescos in Santa Illuminata.

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I have not been to Montefalco, but it sounds wonderful. More and more I am thinking I need a month long stay just in Umbria! So many places to wander through...


Anne, I'm sure you would love Umbria. The region seethes with spirituality! And it's really beautiful.

Love those arched back angels in the second fresco. So only a couple of months until you'll be there, that's exciting!

Barb Cabot:

Lovely. I must agree with Anne a month in Umbria would be heaven. Shall we all plan to meet there for a GTG? Fun.


Annie, it IS very exciting!

Barb, just say when and where, and I'll be there!

I still remember the afternoon tutor I had when I was taking Italian in Siena telling me about how wonderful Montefalco was. I haven't been there yet, but hopefully someday...

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