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When I'm in Umbria in June, I hope to finally spend some time in the town of Norcia......


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Norcia is a lovely little town. You will enjoy.

Ciao Sandra... I'm catching up on your March Madness posts, and they are so interesting, as always. Each a fascinating little tidbit of information. I love that painting of the girl with the unicorn... Dana

What beautiful shots! I too hope you spend more time in Norcia so I can visit this gorgeous town vicariously through your posts.


Thanks, Deborah! Any tips would be very welcome.

Hi Dana, thanks for stopping by. I do love that Raphael, the Borghese used it on its entry tickets so I have a little copy sitting beside my computer. I love the way so many Italian galleries and museums use reproductions of great art on their entry tickets. Makes them a lovely little souvenir.

Candi, perhaps this year I can get some great photos of Norcia. I took a wrong turn driving 2 years ago and wound up on the edge of town, but didn't have time to actually go in.


Wonderful, Sandra! Hope you make it, and yes take lots of photos! I remember reading about Norcia on Bill Thayer's website and it sounds delightful and fascinating.


As a fellow Canadian who loves to travel to Italy, I've been reading your blog for some time now without commenting - just enjoying. But when I saw your entry about stopping by Norcia, I had to pipe in. I was in Norcia for a few days last October and I would definitely recommend it as a stop, especially if you are a foodie. The various meat shops and the chocolate shops are worth a visit - to sample or to pick up lunchables. Or you can get a good lunch of the famous Castelluccio lentils and local sausage at the popular Granara del Monte. The picture you posted of the village on the hill is Campi di Norcia (Campi Vecchio)and as I see you love churches, there is a wonderful church just on the outskirts of the village called Chiesa di San Salvatore, that has some wonderful fresco work inside. The one downside is that the church isn't always open, and someone in town has to come and open it up. We had a local with us who arranged this, but perhaps just by asking around in town it can be arranged. I also saw Bill Thayer's journal entry about the nearby Abbey of St. Eutizio, but when I was there, it was being run by a young priest from Michigan who was more than eager to provide a tour and a history lesson! Enjoy!


Hi Anne, Bill Thayer is a wonderful resource, isn't he? I wonder what's happening with him -- I haven't seen him on the Slow Travel message board in years. Literally, years.

Hello May, thanks very much for commenting on my post. Norcia has been on my list of places I've wanted to visit for a while, and I'm going to have at least a week with a car in the central Umbrian countryside, so I'm hoping to spend a day in Norcia -- and also, perhaps get to the Abbey of Sant'Eutizio. How lucky for you, that you were able to find someone so helpful to show you the abbey.

Thanks also for the suggestion of Chiesa di San Salvatore -- I love churches and frescos. And now, I'm anxious to check out the food shops of Norcia and especially lunch on the famous lentils and sausage from the area.!


Will you be braving a ride to the Piano Grande, since you will be so close by at Norcia? I was not brave enough to do that driving and had our Italian friend do it for us but it was unforgettable and highly recommended if you get the chance !!!


Hi Dorit, I'd certainly like to drive up and see the Piano Grande! I suppose a lot will depend on what kind of rental car I get this year (I hope it's better than last year's Fiat!) and how the weather is that day. I'd certainly love to see it!

This is another place I have always wanted to visit. Someday...

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