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Pondering Piero


For some reason, I can’t stop thinking about Piero della Francesca. And yes, I know he is dead. Long dead. Like, 500 years dead.

But his art lives. And as I’m planning my week in Anghiari, which is near his birthplace of Sansepolcro in eastern Tuscany and near the Piero della Francesca art trail, I’m thinking about what I want to see.

Of course, I want to see everything – but this piece above is particularly haunting....

The Resurrection of Christ is a mural in fresco and tempera in the Museo Civico in Sansepolcro. Top of my list of must-sees!

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A very interesting Resurrection image.


I'm catching up on your March Madness posts again, and again, such fascinating reading! I especially like the severed heads ones... what can I say...
Ciao, Dana

For some reason, Sansepolcro sounds familiar to me (not sure if it is due to train schedules or something else). I googled Sansepolcro and it looks like an interesting town. I am excited that you will be able to see more of Piero della Francesca art.


Thanks Candi!

Hi Dana, thanks! I suspect we have similar tastes in art. Either that, or murder mysteries?

Girasoli, I have also heard the name of Sansepolcro often -- maybe from visiting Cortona? And Arezzo? They're physically fairly close together, and artistically as well.

I'm really curious to see Sansepolcro for myself. I'm hoping the house in Anghiari will prove to be a good base for day trips.


I think it was your previous entry that put Piero in your mind this day. Urbino...Duke of...iconic painting by Piero...it all makes sense to me!

Sansepolcro rings a bell with me too...I wonder if it was the setting of a novel or something? Or perhaps I've just heard of it in relationship to Piero. I have a wonderful book about his paintings, with full page images to swoon over!

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