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Snowfall in Siena


Isn’t this a bit odd? Snow Tuesday morning in the Siena’s main Piazza del Campo! It’s a good thing that it’s still a bit too early for the Palio!

According to ANSA, the Italian news agency, residents in Siena awoke Tuesday to find Piazza del Campo, famous site of the annual Palio horse race, under a bed of snow that thickened through the morning.

ANSA reports that temperatures dropped in various parts of Italy on Tuesday as a late winter storm brought sub-zero temperatures to the Alps, snow to Tuscany and high waters in Venice. And it’s March – almost spring!

According to ANSA, the leaning tower of Pisa was glazed in white on Tuesday, as was Brunelleschi's dome in Florence where temperatures hovered around freezing.

It was considerably colder near Torino, and all of the cold weather is expected to raise tides in the Venetian lagoon, with possible acqua alta flooding the city on Wednesday.

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I'm travelling to Siena at the end of the week - hope the snows still there, it looks magical!


Would certainly prefer to be in Sienna with snow than in Philadelphia - with or without snow!

Incredible! I'd love to see the Pisa tower in the snow. Going to go check the Venice webcam to see if there's any flooding in the Piazza.

I would love to see Siena, Pisa, Florence, so many places in Italy with snow on the ground.

My friend Katia wrote to me last week that they were getting a lot of snow and work was canceled. She was heading outside to make a snowman. It seems that it is not so normal to get that much snow that often in most of Italy. The weather has been very strange there this year.

While I was in San Diego, we were looking at snow photos from last week of Montepulciano with Nico (who is from Italy). He said he has never seen that much snow ever in that part of Italy (close to his home).


Girasoli, I've also been hearing that the weather in parts of Europe has been crazy!!! But even here, we have had the warmest March on record!

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