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I’d like to see Urbino, birthplace of the great artist Raphael, and a World Heritage Site.

It lies just across the Mountains of Moon from Umbria in the Marche province of Italy. Wikipedia describes Urbino as being “notable for a remarkable historical legacy of independent Renaissance culture, especially under the patronage of Federico da Montefeltro, duke of Urbino from 1444 to 1482.”

I’m hoping that when I’m in Anghiari, I can convince my friends that it would make a nice day trip.

Google Maps shows 3 different routes, ranging from 80 kilometres to about 95 kilometres in length, but the trip can take anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours. So, it’s obviously a bit of a grunt to get over the mountains!

I had better look for a map showing elevations to see just how challenging this might be......

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It looks really neat and sounds very interesting, I hope (and your friend) can make it their.

OK, it's me again, my finger hit the "Submit" button before I was finished.

Have you looked at Via Michelin maps, I like them for Europe travel and they were always accurate our experience.

I hope your friend will want to go. Sounds like a great place to visit. I think I read a thread a couple of years ago on the Italy board about driving there (over the mountains). Either that or a trip report.


Hi Candi, I also am a fan of Via Michelin maps. Thanks for the reminder -- I should begin to print things like this out now, and put them in a folder to take along. Otherwise, in the last minute rush, I'll be sure to forget!

Girasoli, I hope so, too. I have to confess that I would probably be a little nervous driving that alone. I grew up driving on rural roads and in the Rockies, but I've lived in the city too long -- I'm becoming way too nervous about rural driving.

I'm reading Frances Mayes' new book right now and she says that if she was moving to Italy now, she would definitely think about moving to Marche. Urbino looks well worth a visit!

I have really been enjoying your posts on the regions and art of Italy. Great job.


Thanks very much, Marta!

Annie, are you enjoying the new Frances Mayes book? I've seen it, but haven't actually picked it up and looked it over.


Oh thanks for this - I've been wanting to visit Urbino for a while now. I must admit my interest was partly piqued by Piero della Francesca's Duke of Urbino portrait. When I saw this iconic painting in the Uffizi, I had one of those surreal "am I really in Italy, seeing these masterpieces for real?" moments. And then when I also found out Urbino was Raphael's birthplace, I did a little research and discovered what a fascinating place it seems to be.

I do hope you make it on your trip so I can visit vicariously through your blog!

Yes, I finished it this weekend. I loved it. Esp. loved the new "character" (her six-year old grandson who comes to spend summer vacation at Bramasole).


Anne, I know what you mean about the Duke of Urbino -- for reason, that image is really embedded in my memory as well. Something iconic about it!

I'm determined this year to get to Urbino, either from Anghiari or maybe from Letizia's near Assisi.

Annie, thanks so much for the mini-review. I've enjoyed Mayes' books, espy the first two, but I've wondered if the latest might be too much. Now, I'm going to pick it up myself!

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