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Perugia’s Deposition


Unfortunately for me, I’ll be arriving in Perugia just a few days after the closing of an exhibition of works by Mannerist painter Federico Barocci. But I can still see a recently restored masterpiece by the Urbino native when it’s returned to its home in the city’s Duomo.

According to ANSA, the Italian news agency, Barocci’s “The Deposition” is the focal point of the exhibition of about 20 “monumental altarpieces” including several by the 16th century artist, as well as other artists of the same era. Many of Barocci’s works can usually be found in Rome, in the Vatican’s art gallery or in the Borghese Gallery; or in the Uffizi in Florence.

Barocci started work on The Deposition in the late 1560s and spent several years on the altarpiece which was created for Perugia’s Duomo. It has been away from there for some time as it underwent a lengthy renovation operation, “which focused primarily on restoring the brilliance of Barocci's original colours,” according to ANSA.

Following the restoration, it went on public display last year for a short period in Siena as part of an exhibition devoted to Barocci.

Although Barocci spent most of his life working in his native Urbino, he completed a number of important commissions for Perugia and had a significant influence on artists working in the area, reports ANSA.

All the Barocci paintings on display in the exhibition were created specifically for Perugia, while the other paintings are by Umbrian artists who incorporated his innovative use of colour, space and dramatic lighting into their own works. The exhibition is divided into thematic sections, starting with a selection of works on the same subject as Barocci's Deposition, Christ's descent from the cross.


The next part of the Perugian exhibition looks at various artistic interpretations of the Annunciation, including a majestic Barocci altarpiece on loan from the Santa Maria degli Angeli church in Perugia (above). The exhibition is on show at the Palazzo Baldeschi al Corso until June 6, after which The Deposition will return to its permanent home in the city's cathedral.

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My fave Mannerist artist is Bronzino. (I didn't even know what Mannerist art was until I started researching his work!) Love his paintings in the Uffizi & a church in Oltrarno ~ name escapes me at this moment. :)

I think it is pretty cool how art is shared or borrowed and displayed in different cities as exhibits. Too bad you will miss the Federico Barocci exhibit. You must be getting excited! Will try to email you this weekend. :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, these are amazing pieces and it will be wonderful for you to see one of his materpiece painting that will be there during your visit. It was interesting to read about Federico Barocci and where some of his work has been exhibited.

Thank you so much for sharing. I enjoyed learning about his work and seeing two examples of them.


Hi Colleen, that's interesting! I must confess I paid no attention to Mannerism, or Bronzino, until about 5 years ago when the National Gallery of Canada mounted an exhibition on the Renaissance, and how the creativity of artists like Michelangelo (with his male nudes) helped to inspire many Mannerists. The exhibition included several Bronzinos, Pontormos, and pieces from Andrea del Sarto. I learned quite a bit just from the catalogue was great! I think the show was co-produced or at least had a great deal of input from officials from the picture gallery in the Palazzo Pitti in Florence, which made it even more intriguing!

Girasoli, I am beginning to get pretty excited! (I'll watch for your email.)

Kathy, I hope the Barocci is back in its place in the Duomo in Perugia by the time I get there -- It would be a shame if it's in transit between the venues and I can't see it at all!

I'm not a big Mannerist fan but every once in a while, I see something I like (and I do like these). How many days until your trip? I'm sure you are so psyched!


Hi Annie, Barocci does look interesting, doesn't it?

I'm leaving in about 6 weeks, and getting pretty excited. I'm really tempted to add a trip countdown meter (Girasoli has graciously offered to help me) but for some reason I'm feeling unusually security conscious, and I don't know why. So I'm not sure if I'll do a meter this year or not. Mind you, I'll probably talk so much about my trip that it won't make any difference.

Sandra cross fingers as almost all exhibitions get extended of a few weeks, so may be you get too see it!


Thanks, Letizia -- wouldn't that be wonderful!

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