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A little lasagna can go a long way.....


It's sad, really, the lengths that some of us will go to for a taste of Italy. My friends Michael and Jason are huge fans of Letizia's lasagna recipe and have asked me many times to share it. Naturally, I've refused -- if I gave them the recipe, what would they need me for? They could run off and make their own lasagna.

But last weekend, my resolve cracked. They came to me with such a sad little tale. Earlier this month in Rome, they ordered lasagna for dinner, and it was so delicious that when the waiter asked what they would like for dessert, they ordered another piece of lasagna.

North Americans, I think, are really starved for good lasagna. So, I took pity and we spent Saturday making lasagna alla Letizia. They were suitable respectful of the process, although one of them was heard to mutter ("this is so easy!") Yeah, sure, it's all fun and games until you burn your hands trying to separate the boiling hot strips of lasagna pasta. I was the only one of us clever enough to wear rubber gloves for this step.

Anyway, they were very excited to finally get their paws on Letizia's recipe -- Jason thinks the secret is the bechemel sauce. I think it's the long-simmered ragu. And NO SWIMMING, in sauce, that is. Keep it light.


We also cooked panna cotta and our friend Leslie joined us for the eating (she does not need any cooking lessons from me!)

And in less than two weeks, I'll be back in Umbria, I'll be returning to Letizia's to learn some new dishes, and I can't wait!!! (But I think it'll be a while before I feel like eating lasagna again.)

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, you're such a good friend to have pity on your friends and share Letizia's wonderful receipe. Looks like you all had fun making it.

Only two more weeks to Italy and more fabulous Italian cooking lessons. How fun! I look forward to hearing about your experiences with the new dishes. Have a great week.


Hi Kathy, I must admit that sometimes it's fun to cook with other people (and Michael chopped all the onions -- which I hate doing!)

I am getting pretty excited, now that the trip countdown is approaching single digits!!

Oh-Thank goodness for Letizia! Have a super time in Italy. Hope all your arrangements have been tied up neatly for you. m

Brad'll Do It:

You'll just have to invite yourself to M & J's for lasagna, and let them cook it for YOU. Also, just curious, how did you choose Anghiari for your trip. Seems a bit out of the way, not near a lot. Or am I missing something?

This sounds like so much fun! I love that they ordered another piece for dessert. I've felt like doing that myself with various dishes I've had in Italy.

And a single digit countdown....doesn't get much better than that. Are you going to try to blog from the road?


thanks, menehune -- I think almost all the loose ends have been tied up!

Brad, I think that's a brilliant idea!

And you're right -- Anghiari is a bit of an outlier for me! Although I think it will work out well because I am fascinated by Piero della Francesca, and I'll be right in PDF country, close to Arezzo and just a few kilometres from Sansepolcro. In fact, at one time, Sansepolcro was part of Umbria. So, I'm not too far from "home."

I wound up renting the house in Anghiari because it belongs to a friend of the woman I was supposed to be traveling with. She has since bailed on the trip (fortunately, another friend quickly stepped in.)

Annie, I am now 10 days away from lift off and getting excited. I really hope I'll be able to blog from the road -- any time I can find wireless, I'll give it a go. (And a few posts on Facebook, too). Maybe I'll even be able to post a few pix as well!

Sandra I feel absurdly proud every time you bring "my" lasagna to another Canadian home! I am SO VERY MUCH looking forward to meeting you soon, by now you are family here!


Thank you, Letizia! It will be wonderful to see you, and "home" again!

You are a very good friend for sharing that! I wish I had a friend nearby with a secret recipe or two to share. LOL

Yum!! I love that they wanted another piece of lasagna for dessert! I just heard someone mention Sansepolcro one of the new Eye in Italy podcasts. Have a great trip!!! And yes, you are very kind to share Letizia's recipe with your friends.

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