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I've been a very bad blogger....

...but every day this week has been so hectic! And with no Internet connection in the rental, it has been hard to connect!

I have plenty of stories, lots of photos to download and share -- when I have a better connection.

But things have been going really well. Today was the first day we had much rain, and I hid out in a great restaurant in Arezzo, under a portico, after an hour viewing Piero della Francesca's Legend of the True Cross fresco cycle. So beautiful! (My traveling companion had headed off to the Geox store and missed everything -- his loss.)

Yesterday, we spent the day on the other side of the Mountains of the Moon (seriously -- that is the name of the range we crossed) in the city of Urbino. What a beautiful, Renaissance city! And we had coffee with Giulia, whose family home is near the Palazzo Ducale. A great day.

It has been so late when we've returned home the last two nights that Philippe and I have made simple salads and pasta for dinner, and stuffed our faces in the TV room watching Helen Mirren in the British series Prime Suspect (which our landlords have thoughtfully made available on DVD.) I feel as if I should be out enjoying Italy every possible minute, but sometimes when I'm worn out from a full day I confess that eating fresh pasta on a sofa in an old T-shirt feels just right!

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Sounds like so much fun. Don't worry about blogging; I actually prefer to blog post-trip because it helps to relive it all. Enjoy!

Sandra, don't feel badly, sometimes you just need a vacation from the vacation!

I am enjoying your blog though...

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, it sounds like you're having a grand time with lots of beautiful art and meeting friends along the way. Sitting comfortably on a sofa eating fresh pasta while in Italy sounds very fun too.

I love reading your posts and appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences. Blog when and if you can but more importantly enjoy and have fun.

You are not a bad blogger. You are just enjoying yourself. Not having a connection does not make it easy to blog. I hope the rain means the weather is cooling down a bit for you. Looking forward to reading your stories and seeing your photos. Enjoy!!

I always figure good traveling companions seek out the things that interest them and allow their friends to do the same. It seems as if the two of you reached a happy compromise. For the record - I'd be at the fresco cycle too! LOL

I think that the thing I enjoy the most about a rental is that you do have time at the bookends of the day to unwind, reflect upon what you say, and to think about tomorrow.

Enjoy each moment!

It all sounds heavenly delicious. Will look forward to seeing your photos! Enjoy.


Mountains of the Moon...it sounds like a fairytale! Glad that you're thoroughly enjoying your Italian vacation thus far, Sandra. It seems like such a lovely trip, totally off the tourist-beaten path, which is usually where the real gems are found. Can't wait to see your photos!

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