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The Next Time I’m in Italy…..


To be more specific, what do I want to do the next time I’m in Italy? Or, to be even more specific, how much work do I want to do the next time I’m in Italy?

Here’s the plan so far: return to Italy. Likely, in June.

Alas, that’s about as far as I’ve really gotten in my planning.

Well, I have established a bit more than that. I know that I want to spend some time in Umbria. Some dear friends will be there in the middle of June, staying at Genius Loci near Bevagna. It’s a fantastic inn, and I would love to spend some time there again, with them.

But beyond that, things are still rather unsettled.

As a plan A, I’ve been thinking hard about spending a week in Venice. I’ve found a wonderful new (to me) B+B which my blogging friend and Venice expert Annie discovered a few months ago. It looks just delightful and not too expensive (particularly for Venice.)

This would give me a wonderful opportunity to do some serious research for my Second Novel, now that I am “finished” my First Novel. The quotation marks indicate that although I’ve completed the writing and editing of my First Novel, the really hard work has only begun as I try to find a literary agent to help me sell my First Novel to a publisher. I’ve no doubt this lengthy process will involve much rewriting, editing, revising, and god-only-know-what-else.

Thus, beginning serious work on my Second Novel is now essential to maintaining my sanity; mainly because I need to write, but also because I’m sure that I’ll desperately need a good project to keep me from tearing my lustrous brown hair out by its carefully tinted roots as I field countless rejection letters.

Anyhoo, the Second Novel is set in Venice, and while I’ve visited La Serenissima several times (and can do a great deal of research online, especially by reading Annie’s blog) I’m sure that by June I will need to be conducting serious on-the-ground (or, on-the-canal) research. That’s my story and I will stick to it.

After Venice, I might stop in Verona a few nights because I’ve always wanted to see the city (although NOT Juliet’s balcony since it’s a phoney.)


Or, there’s plan B. Since I’m going to be headed to Umbria anyway, perhaps I should focus once again on my favourite region of Italy and hunker down in Perugia for three weeks of intense Italian Language classes, perhaps at the Università per Stranieri di Perugia. I’ve frequently taken night classes in Italian here at home, but I know very well that nothing beat intensive language training.(This is where the hard work bit comes in.) Further, since my First Novel is set in Perugia, and I’m sure faces many future revisions, I can do more research, absorb more local colour, and shop for a new handbag in Perugia. Coccinelle, I think.

In terms of costs (and I do occasionally think about costs) I suspect both plans would balance out. Venice for a week won’t be too expensive at my new B+B, but the car rental from Verona down to Umbria would likely cost almost as much as my plane ticket from Canada.

Staying in Perugia, where I’d likely rent an apartment and wouldn’t need a car beyond the few days at Genius Loci, would be less expensive although once tuition fees for the language course are factored in, it would probably run as much as plan A.

Well, at least this is a happy decision to make!

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Well, you know what I'm going to say...how you can you go to Italy and not go to Venice?!? And you will LOVE staying at B&B Fujiyama! Though I can see that the language course is very tempting too so you can't go wrong either way.

I spent a couple of hours in Verona on my first trip to Italy (part of a tour) and really would like to go back there someday. I liked the vibe there and think it would be a fun city to explore.


Tough decisions!!! If you are in Venice the last 3 days of June, we could see each other. Or, if you are in Umbria the week before that, we can catch you from Montepulciano. You could practice your italian with Casey.

Sandra; I all sounds wonderfully exciting and rich for you in many ways! Now you will definitely need to blog a little(!) between your writings. Venice, Umbria, Perugia, Verona - haven't yet been to Perugia but I'm hoping your book will lay a foundation. Positive thoughts only!


Ah Sandra, a delightful dilemma to be sure! I will be only visiting Italy vicariously through others this year...I'm sure either of your plans will provide me with countless opportunities to sit and sigh with longing to be there in person!

I am still so thrilled for you to be following your heart. My own journey is filled with light these days, I've finally managed to (semi)articulately convey to my discernment committee why I want to be a minister. (Have to say, it's really hard to verbally express what the call of God feels like!) But am glad to be moving forward at last. One more meeting in March before they write their report...I am feeling hopefully confident it will be positive!

This post is the inspiration I have needed to start making plans! June - Venice - hmmmm. Sounds good! I have been thinking about language classes in Bologna myself (where Palma studied) but need to figure out if he is available. Because my friends live not too far from Verona, I am always thinking about a place in that area to stay for part of my trip. I had a great time in Verona last summer. Have you checked the opera schedule yet for this summer?

Of course your plan B also sounds like something you would be very happy doing.


Hi Annie!
I really think you’ve made a brilliant find with the B&B, and just knowing I would have a great place to stay -- away from the cruise-ship craziness of San Marco -- makes Venice extremely appealing (to say nothing of the work I could accomplish there!)

Jane, I’m definitely planning to be in Umbria the 3rd week of June, at least the first part of the week. We’ll have to compare travel plans and dates; it would be wonderful to get together. I’ve not ever been to Montepulciano (but I’ve always loved the way the name just rolls off the tongue…..)

Menehune, I can never resist blogging from the road – everything seems more real to me after I’ve written about it! I do hope you can visit Perugia someday; it’s just delightful!

Congratulations, Anne! How wonderful that your discernment process is moving along so well. I can just imagine how difficult it would be to express, verbally, what The Call would feel like. I’d way rather try to write about those sorts of feelings – but I suppose, as a minister, you won’t be able to simply issue copies of your sermons or demand written questions (with written answers) only from your parishioners! All the best as you prepare for your last meeting in March.

Yay, Girasoli, it sounds as if you have a return to Italy in your plans this year! Maybe we can meet again, somewhere around Verona! I have been looking into their opera schedules and with my impeccable sense of timing, I would be there right between what would be two wonderful operas. Sigh. Anyway, I’ve booked a room at the Hotel Torcolo (where I know you’ve stayed in the past) since Plan A really is more likely.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, sounds like have two wonderful plans to choose from. Love plan A but plan B sounds wonderful too.

I'm going to enjoy following along. Happy planning and decision making.

Ahh, the joy of planning! So many possibilities, so little time!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could travel full-time? So many places, so little money!

Either Plan A or Plan B sounds great!


Thanks, Kathy! I must admit that I'm really tilting towards Plan A -- just seeing it all in writing helps me to decide!

Hi Nancy, there are so many possibilities, aren't there? Nice to know that there is no wrong answer!

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