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A moving-to-Rome to-do list


I'm a list maker, it helps me to feel in control. Also, I get into trouble when I don't make lists. I forget important items. On a visit to my family in Alberta once, I forgot to pack bras so I had to wear my mother's. I don't think forgetting bras has a deeper meaning, such as hatred of underwear. I have seen that: my friend's dog Charlie once ate an entire bra from my laundry when I was dog-sitting. All we ever found was a single under-wire....

So, I've already begun my packing list for my move to Rome. That'll be a challenge and a whole separate blog topic.

My pre-Rome to-do list is a variation on the moving lists we've all had to draw up when changing houses or cities. With an extra twist twist, of course: I'm leaving the country and the continent, not just the province.

I've borrowed this list from my blogging friend Jane, who moved her family to Italy for a year. Here, in no particular order, are things I must take care of before November:


1. Ensure I can pay all of my bills online. Especially the credit card bills. I expect I'll be using Visa a fair amount. Also, remind Visa not to cut off my credit when they begin seeing charges from Italy.

2. Ensure my homeowners insurance covers my belongs in storage. And keep paying them.

3. Remember to cancel all of my services: phone, electricity, mail, newspapers, cable TV, Internet. The last thing I need are bills for services I don't require.

4. Give Canada Post my friend Dale's mailing address as my new forwarding address.


5. Pack receipts and so on so I can pay my income taxes (and hopefully, get a refund!) next February from Rome.

6. Try to find a bank that will give me a break on transaction and conversion fees when I withdraw cash from European ATMs. Right now, my ING account is the cheapest -- the rest hit me for about $5 Cdn per transaction. Outrageous!

7. Practise using Skype so I can call my mother very inexpensively for my weekly grilling.

8. Double-check on health coverage in Italy. As a European citizen (I love saying that!) I believe I have basic coverage. But I'd like to be certain.

9. Spend a small fortune now on refills for all of my prescriptions so I don't have to worry about getting my asthma meds for a few months.

10. Make many copies of so many documents -- both my passports, birth certificate, credit cards, etc.

11. Organize my electronics and their many chargers and various wires: for both my computers, the cellphone, the iPod., camera...

12. Collect some reporting equipment -- my old mini-disc recorder with a bud microphone plus extra discs -- in case I find work as a freelance reporter. Canadian Press Style book as well. Useful for any kind of writing, really.

13. Pack Italian dictionary and grammar books for classes. Enrol in classes in Rome now, so I won't be tempted to drift when I get to Rome.

14. Buy giant bottles of Tylenol and Vitamin C since they're harder to find and ruinously expensive in Europe.

15. Try to remember what else I’m forgetting.

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Looking good. Don't forget packing several plug adapters. Too bad you don't have a Capital One in Canada.


Thanks Jane -- I always carry several plug adaptors! And I really wish there was something like Capital One in Canada so I could cut down on those ATM fees!

S: 15 items, not so bad! I do love your style of writing. Remember to keep blogging?


Nice, Sandra --- You are entering the obsessive stage. This is progress! ;-)

A note about insurance: When I was living in a residence hotel between the time I sold my house and the time my apartment was ready, I didn't have homeowner's insurance. I paid insurance through the storage place...


Hi Sandra, I too am a list maker. I am fortunate I don't have the bra horror story. I would have headed to the mall before my mom's room. One option is using credit cards for cash from ATM, I don't think they have the fees and if you are carrying a credit balance, no interest - but you'll have to check the details - I am relying on memory from 7 years ago. We have skype, find us using this email address. Don't forget that there are lots of us in Canada that would mail you anything you forget...

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, wow there are so many fine details involved which I really didn't think about. I remember following Jane's blog about her move for a year to Italy. It's great to have her experiences to draw from for your move.

I can now relate to #9. You definitely should have enough meds supply. I don't go anywhere now without my inhaler...

Looks like you are covering all of your bases and well on your way to a smooth transition.


Thanks menehune, I'll definitely be blogging from Rome. It's a fun way for me to re-live my experiences!

Interesting, Marian. The movers told me they have insurance while my things are in transit, but not once they are in storage. Still, I'm going to double-check that and also talk with my insurance firm about the best way to continue coverage.

Thanks, Kathryn, for the mailing offer and I'll find you on Skype! As for Mom's bras, if I hadn't been staying in Eckville, believe me -- I'd have been at the mall very, very fast!!

Kathy, it's always wise to have an inhaler or two, just in case! Mind you, at least with asthma, we have a very common disease so we can likely get replacements without too much trouble. But who needs the hassle? Hope your condition is under control!

Good lists, Sandra. Hope it makes you feel a little more in control.

Look forward to reading about all of your experiences in Italy!

I'm a list maker too and get a lot of satisfaction out of crossing things off once their done. Good luck with yours. And I love the Outdoor Annunciation from Venezia!

Sandra - a few years ago I had all my stuff in storage and was living in PA - not nearly as nice as Rome but that is another story. I had insurance on my storage locker and contents only.

Love the lists. I make mental lists with all of the trauma that comes with keeping them in your head rather than writing them down.


Thanks everyone! I do enjoy ticking things off my list, it feels like I'm making progress!

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