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Cooking (&Shopping) Day

Tomorrow (Sunday), I will have the family over to celebrate Adam's 21st Birthday. Have been busy shopping and cooking all day. Come along on my errands and see some of my favorite South Philly haunts (now that I have a new camera and figured out how to upload pictures, I'll do more on my neighborhood).

Wasn't a great start. Got stuck behind an Oil Truck making a delivery and had to turn down this very tiny street!

Next stop was Sarcones Bakery to pick up Breadcrumbs and order rolls for tomorrow. This has been a family business for 60+ years. We could (and have) made a meal of their long seeded loaf of crunchy Italian Bread with Mauro's Olive Oil.

Off to Passyunk Market to buy meat and home made roasted peppers for a dip (recipe from ST - name escapes me)

Next stop is Primo's Hoagies to order Hoagies - 2 Italian, 2 Veggies & 2 Turkey(for the "Medicans" - So Philly speak for non Italians)


Last stop was the famous Melrose Diner ("Everyone who knows, goes to Melrose") to order their well known, Butter Cream Birthday Cake.

Finally back home to put up the pot of So. Philly style Gravy with meatballs and sausage (every so philly woman has a secret meatball recipe, and everyone's mom makes the "best" meatballs)

Finally, back home to put up the pot of Gravy with Meatballs and Sausage to serve tomorrow!

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I went to grad school in Philly and went to the Italian market a couple of times. This brought back some memories!


Kaydee, what section of the city did you live in? Where did you go to Grad School?


Thanks for the peek at the neighborhood!

I loved going shopping with you through your neighbourhood!
Thanks for the tour, Sheri!

This was fun getting to see some of your neighborhood. I am curious about the yellow sign on the pole...Customer Please Do Not **ck str** ??

Thanks for the shopping tour,Sheri.


"Customers, Please Don't Block the Street" -Primo's is pretty famous as is the small bakery (Cacia's) right across the street. They are on opposite corners of a pretty small street. Parking is difficult, and customers have been known to block the street with cars, while they "run" in to place or pick up an order. I really should do an entry on Parking - So Philly Style!


I love shopping in other people's neighborhoods, even vicariously - thanks for sharing.

Thanks sheri! I would have never guess that.

Thanks for the tour! It's so great that there are still family run places instead of chains!

Barb Cabot:

Thank you for this tour of your neighborhood. Would love to do that in person. The food sounds yummy. Bet the bday party was a huge success.

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