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Girlfriends II

Since I started February Blogging with an Entry on Girlfriends, I thought it would be fitting to end with a similar entry as last night was "Club" at my sister's ,Mindy. A good time was had by all that were able to attend (4 were missing) and we learned what a small world it really is. Abby was born and raised in Pittsburgh. She has been married to my kindergarten friend for 34 years and lives in South Jersey. Recently, she told us, she heard that a childhood friend of hers was living in Villanova, where my sister lives. She hadn't seen her since her own wedding and did not know Barbara's married name. She had heard that one of Barbara's kids was in Argentina. Turns out that Barbara is my sister's next door neighbor! Both she and Abby had been at my niece's Bat Mitzvah in 05 and my nephew's Bar Mitzvah in 08 and never recognized each other. Of course, my sister called Barbara and invited her over. Her surprise was priceless. She and Abby caught up for hours. They were still talking when I left at Midnight.! Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of them, but here is a picture of us.

From L to R: Connie, Carol, Linda, Renee, Marcy, Bunny, Mindy, Sheri and Abby.


Finally an update on Chi-Chi, the dog from hell (sorry, Irene). 48 hours to go. She will not stay in the same room with me. I chased her for 1/2 hour yesterday (with treats in hand) and couldn't get her to go out. I have abdicated my responsibility to my husband until her mother gets home on Monday!


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Chi Chi is really cute. Sorry she hasn't allowed you to charm her into at least an uneasy truce.

Sweet gathering with you girlfriends, and sure it is a small world Sherri.

Chi-Chi is so cute, even though he is giving you hard time(sorry about that by the way).

Sheri, I'm sorry to laugh but I am cracking up here! Chi-Chi really does look like a handful! I don't blame you a bit for handing her off to your husband.

I did a night out with girlfriends last night too. So much fun! And I'm so glad you joined in the Blog Everyday Challenge - very impressive esp. since you'd just started blogging! I've really enjoyed reading your blog and plan to continue. And thank you so much for all your great comments on my blog, esp. about my photos. Photography is a very new hobby for me and I'm a complete amateur so I love getting feedback!

I hope you'll give us a final Chi-Chi update when your 48 hours in hell ends. :)


I am very fond of "Small World" stories; I would imagine most of us could come up with one if we just thought. I also love it when girlfriends get together.

Well, I now see that things have not improved with Chi-Chi since she has a new name. Good thing she has your husband to take care of her or she would be up the creek without a paddle.


Annie, you should have seen the picture of Chi-Chi before I fixed her red eyes! Yes, I will definitely keep blogging. I really enjoy it and I have really enjoyed getting to know people better. Your pictures are really great. I would not have guessed that you are new at this!

Girasoli, yes it is a good thing that she has my husband to look after her!

Wow that dog sounds like a handful!! Good luck with her...

What a cool "small world" story!

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