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Letter F

I am still getting used to this Blogging. It seems that I had >20 comments filed as junk. I had originally asked Girasoli for a letter, and then asked Kim since I did not get a response. Well, both letters were in the Junk Folder. Thanks Kim & Girosoli. I am going with F since it was there first!

1. Flowers - I love all flowers, but especially Geraniums and Hydrangeas. Being a city dweller, I only have a small, cement backyard. For the past 3 years I have really enjoyed container gardening. I love sitting out back and looking at my Flowers.

2. Fruit - I love summer fruit. Watermelon is my favorite, followed closely by Strawberries and Peaches.

3. Flip-flops - I love my flip-flops. They mean summer to me.

4. Fingernails - I love having my fingernails done at the new Manicure place across the street from my house.

5. Family - They are both my inspiration and my foundation. I especially love getting together with my sisters and their families. I love watching the cousins enjoy each other's company.

6. Friends - As you can tell from my post about "Club" I cherish my friends. My best friend belongs up there with family. We have been friends since we were 11 years old. Besides Club, I have 2 other groups of friends - my husbands' childhood friends (I have known them now for 31 years!), and our Pool Friends who we met 15 years ago when we joined the Swim Club.

7. Fridays - I love Fridays with the thought of the weekend ahead. I wish every day was TGIF!

8. French Toast - One of my favorite Breakfasts, especially made with Challah Bread. I have always made a Creme Brulee French Toast on Christmas Morning. My kids and my niece and nephew talk about this dish often.

9. French Fries - I especially like the crispy, slightly burnt french fries. I also like the Crab Fries from a famous, local Sportsbar, and the gravy fries from a well known local bar famous for its' Roast Beef Sandwiches.

10. Figs - I LOVE Fresh Figs. In their smallish cement backyard, my neighbors Andrew & Rose have a Fig Tree. They are very generous in sharing the figs with us.

Comments (2)

Great list! I too love figs. You are lucky to have a neighbor who shares!

I keep a regular eye on my junk folder because it seems that some "real" comments slip through every once in a while.

Glad you're getting in the blogging groove!

Great list. I love French Toast too! Don't like Figs though. Glad you found your comments. The same thing happened to me when I started my blog.

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