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New Year, New Blog

Starting a blog was one of my goals for the New Year. My Blog Title has little to do with the seasons of the year (those who know me, know that I would be very happy if the temperature never fell below 75 F) and more to do with change.We will send our youngest child off to college in September so we will be empty nesters (at least for a while). This will be a new chapter in my life. I am happy, scared, excited and sad all at the same time!

Things that I will miss the most:

* Seeing my kids everyday
* Dinner time with 2 kids who love a good meal
* Grunts, groans, and rolling of the eyes when I ask questions or share important advice/information
* Attending Soccer, Basketball & Volleyball games at least 2X/wk.
* Home & School Involvement (including the drama)

Things that I look forward to:

*Meeting my husband for a drink/dinner after work
*No more routine juggling of 2 cars between 3 & sometimes 4 drivers
*Not having to rush home from work to make dinner
*Maybe the house will stay neater????
*Watching my kids take their own place in the world & learning to be a Mom to two young adults.

I stumbled upon Slow Travel in 2006 while I was planning a trip to Italy. I became a daily lurker and then a participant. I have discovered a wonderful community of like minded people who share many of my interests. As I enter this new phase of my life, I look forward to Blogging with the Slow Travel Community.

Our future travel plans are uncertain. It has become increasingly difficult to schedule family vacations due to work and school committments. My husband is a teacher so most of our slow travel has been limited to the summer months. Perhaps we will try to do something over winter break. I have been intrigued by Lesfaye's account of Isla Mujeres. I also dream of visiting Italy in the Spring or Fall.

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