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Stupid Me!

Today, I decided to "clean up" the Comment Page on the MT Publishing Platform. It never occurred to me that if I deleted the entries on this page, it would delete the comments from my Blog Entry! Kim was kind enough to contact MT and was able to restore 10 or so comments. Thanks, Kim. I apologize to all of you who took the time to comment on my blog and whose comments have disappeared. There was really no good reason for me to do this. I needed a break from what I was doing at work, and thought that I would check for junk comments. There were none, so I thought I would delete the 49 comments that I had already approved for the various entries. It provided the short break that I needed. Hours later, I realized what I had done. Guess that I shouldn't have been playing around with my Blog at work :)!! I won't make that mistake again!

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Sheri, rather frustrating when we do things like this, isn't it. Of course, we all have done our own "dumb" things at times and, more telling, continue to do them. So just know that you have lots of company. I'm sorry that you lost the comments as they are fun to have.


I did that once at the very beginning of my blogging life and felt as you did. It happens.

I made a big mess of something when I started blogging too...can't remember what now, but Kim came to the rescue. Don't worry, as long as you saw the comments since they were for you :)

Puh, I went back and saw that my long-ish comments about the exchange students were still there! Yay!

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