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Twenty Five Things About Me

1. I come from 3 generations of women.Never occurred to me that I would have sons.
2. I have 2 younger sisters. They are twins. My father was a twin. My mother's first cousin had twins. Thank God I did not have twins!

3. I have always lived in Philadelphia.

4. I am Jewish. My husband was raised Catholic. Kids are Jewish. We celebrate everything.

5. Most of the Jewish families left So. Philadelphia by the early 1960's. Most of my friends growing up were Italian.

6. I am fascinated by the customs and beliefs of various ethnic groups.

7. My sense of Jewish Identity is strong and very important to me.

8. Growing up we spent every Sunday with at least some of my Father's 6 siblings and our 18 first cousins.

9. Summer in the City can be Brutal. We have belonged to a Swim Club in the Burbs for 15 years. Lifesaver when the kids were young. Now that they have lost interest, it is even more fun now, hanging out with Adult Friends.

10. Most people consider me well grounded, but I can have a short fuse.

11. I can't tolerate whiners.

12. I love the Beach. Reading a good book on the Beach is my favorite way to relax.

13. Most summers since 1982 we have vacationed on Hilton Head Island in So. Carolina.

14. I like Hip-Hop music,thanks to my kids and I love Motown.

15. We have hosted exchange students from Germany, Norway, England, Albania and Italy for an academic year.

16.My husband made two Business trips to India in the early 1980's. Stupidly, I never accompanied him.

17. Our first trip to Europe was to Belgium in 1984.

18. We did not return to Europe again until 2004. We visited Germany, Norway and Italy. My husband & I returned to Florence and Pienza in 2007.

19. Italy has stolen my heart. I am planning to return as soon as possible!

20. I love to cook and

21. I need to exercise more and lose weight.

22. My friends' children are getting married. We've had 8 weddings in the last 2 years and have 3 this Summer!

23. I am a Clinical Social Worker though my current position is Administrative. I love my job and the people with whom I work.

24. I worry about getting two kids through college during these scary economic times.

25. I am looking forward to my youngest son's graduation from high school this year. In typical South Philly Style, I will decorate the front window and have a party.

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Great to get to know you better, Sheri! I have been to Philadelphia only once but would definitely like to explore it further (I live in DC.) I remember the food market being fantastic!


Chiocciola, come back for a visit. I will give you a tour!

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