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Catch - UP

Not sure what all I've been doing, but I have sure been busy since my last Blog entry! Actually my time and energy have been focused on Jordan and the college decision making process. We are planning some second visits over the next two weeks, so we will be in Syracuse this weekend and State College,Pa. next weekend. He was in Pittsburgh last weekend and we have yet to decide whether we will be visiting Boston University. Decisions must be made by May 1. There are so many things to consider - academics, "fit", tuition - I am sure glad that he is my youngest and we will not have to go through this process again!

Our 4th annual Home & School Auction was on Saturday 3/28. It was the first time that the event was held off site. It was a great success, but a lot of work. The event site, Founders Hall at Girard College, was wonderful. Girard College is a private, free, Boarding School for children from single parent families. It dates back to the mid 1860's and was originally a boarding school for "Fatherless White Boys" under the terms of a Trust Fund established by Stephen Girard, a wealthy Philadelphia Industrialist (it has been gender and race neutral since the mid 1960's). Founders Hall is the only original building left on the campus and it is quite grand . I wish that I had thought to bring my camera! Anyway, my feet still hurt from standing on those marble floors for 10 hours!

I have been playing around on Facebook (something I never thought that I would do) for the last few weeks. I was friended by an old next door neighbor from my childhood (actually she & her sister used to babysit for me & my sisters!). Sheila is really only 5 years older than me and it was delightful to catch up with her and her family. We were in the middle of a great phone conversation when Jordan called to say that he missed his flight to Pittsburgh! We plan to get together soon. Last night I had dinner with another childhood friend, also found through Facebook,that I hadn't seen in 15 years. She lives just north of San Francisco and was in Philadelphia for business.

I am looking forward to some quiet time the rest of this week. Palma tagged me with a Fabulous Blogger Award (thanks, Palma) and I need to think of five fabulous things for my blog entry. Tonight, I will just enjoy the quiet and catch up on reading blogs!

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Terry (teaberry):

Sheri, when my son Manny was in high school playing basketball, his school played Girard College on day. What a beautiful campus it is - I had no idea!!!

Sheri, good luck on the college "hunting".
How great you are utilizing Facebook to find long time friends.

Sounds fun but busy! I haven't made the plunge into Facebook yet but my brother recently did and he's having a lot of fun with it, connecting with long-lost friends like you did.

All the best with the college decision making. My son spent his freshman year in Pittsburgh at Carnegie Mellon and loved it. Tuition almost sent us to the poor house, so he finished college back home. I signed up on Facebook a while back. It is great to re-connect with long lost friends.


While it is wonderful to have choices, April becomes another tense month in the college decision making process - good luck - I have also been behind with blogging, both reading and writing, and with Passover/Easter/spring break coming up, no doubt I will be even more behind, AND that is the reason I cannot even think about Facebook, too, too, much for me.


We'd be in the same boat, except that Dan decided on his second look at Pitt that it was "the one" and to not bother with the second trip to Syracuse. (and I will admit to a huge sigh of relief, especially considering Syracuse's tuition)It snowed in Syracuse yesterday, dress warm!


Marcia, yes this is a stressful time. College decision making has become so complicated. Joe and I were the first to go to college in our families. I went to Penn State because my girlfriend Bernadette went there!

Amy,wish I was in your place with a decision made. Jordan is still deciding if he wants to visit BU! Tuition situation is the same as Syracuse. I just checked the weather for Syracuse and warned everyone to dress warmly. We'll be leaving within the hour. My gut still tells me that Jordan will wind up at Pitt, though it wouldn't be the first time I was wrong.

Good luck on the college decisions!! Would be cool if your son and Amy's son both went to Pittsburgh!

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