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College 09 Update/ WE ARE .............PENN STATE

Well I am happy to report that at 7:15 a.m. on 4/29/09 Jordan announced that he will be attending Penn State University in the fall. Since the Business School Rankings were equal, Jordan said, he chose Penn State based on it's proximity to home (3.5 hrs.), his familiaraity with the Campus & the fact that he has a few people he knows there as well as his love of Penn State Football. He is obviously happy with his decision and we are thrilled for him! Thanks to all who have offered their support and thoughts while I stressed/whined over this situation.

Now onto my oldest son,a current junior , who tells us he is pursuing a research opportunity at Cal Berkely this summer. He is short on details such as whether there is any stipend or whether there is any housing available."The Post Doc said there will probably be some money and he is sending me a list of housing possibilities" Adam has always been the more adventuresome of the two. He'll go across the country to new territory without a second thought. Funny how two brothers can be so different!

I'm sure that I'll survive this as millions before me have done!

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Congratulations! I bet it feels great to have the decision made. Hang in there!


Congratulations on the family decision! And to your son on making his - no wrong choice as I have said before, but I think you are probably happier with him closer to home. And have fun with the dorm shopping (it is only just the beginning).

Yay!! Glad that stress is over for you. Penn State sounds like a great choice.


Thanks Annie, Marcia, and Susan. We are relieved and thrilled that Jordan is very happy with his decision. The Dorm Shopping begins!

Congrats,for you and your son. And good luck to both your kids, sounds like they are both to something.


I bet you are thrilled that the decision is made!


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