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Junior Prom

A few weeks ago Jordan told us that he had been ivited to the Junior Prom by his friend,Vincenza. There were about 18 couples who rented an old fashion Trolley for transportation.

They were all meeting at Leah's house to take pictures. Everyone looked wonderful. From L to R: Sam, Leah, Jordan & Vincenza (I just loved her shoes).

I was not good enough with the camera to get a close-up of the whole group. It would have been a great keepsake if you could actually see their faces! This is just part of the group.

It was no easy task to take photos of such a large group. The Prom started at 7:00. They were fashionably late, as they did not get on the trolley until 7:40 p.m.!

This is just a Jordan story that I have to record for posterity. Jordan had been asking (hounding, actually) to buy him a new black suit for this jr. prom to match Vincenza's black dress. He had selected a (very expensive) very dark brown suit for his jr. prom last year. He has only worn the suit 2x. We have just spent a small fortune on 2nd college visits in the last 6 wks. and Jordan's prom is in 2 weeks for which we will rent him a Tux. We told him that, since he has no money, he would have to make do with his suit.

Jordan and a friend were getting dresses at my house and they were running late. Adam and I were in the kitchen when Jordan came downstairs. Adam mumbled to me,"Mom, look at his suit I don't like what he did to the jacket" Puzzled, I said, "Jord come here and let me see your Jacket"He responded that it was not his suit. He had borrowed a Black Suit from Sam. It actually fit him well, except that as he walked towards me I noticed that the sleeves had obviously been too long. He had turned the cuffs under and had used 6 straight pins to hold each sleeve! The pins were clearly visible. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry! We were late anyway, so what would a few more minutes matter? I quickly tacked the sleeves up in four spots. It didn't look perfect, but it sure looked better than the straight pins!

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Ahh, kids!

They all look adorable. I hope they had a good time.

A prom trolley, that is too cool!

And the straight pin story is funny. I love seeing all the girls' dresses - they look great! When I was in high school (long ago), we all ended up looking like bridesmaids so I'm glad to see these girls looking more comfortable.


Thanks, Nancy & Annie. LOL, Annie - we did look like Bridesmaids at our prom too! I love looking at the girls dresses & shoes. Boys clothing is rather boring :)!

Terry (teaberry):

Really great shots, Sheri. Jordan is adorable. And he's a problem solver, too - you should feel good that you've done a good job!

I guess I show my age, but I don't remember seeing short prom dresses. That must have been so much fun renting a trolley! Funny story about the straight pins. Good thing you noticed. What was he thinking going to the prom with a bunch of straight pins in his sleeves :)


Oh the memories - I still have the pictures of each kid with "the group" on my bulletin board. And I seriously love that trolley.

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