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Oh What A Night, Senior Prom 5/28/09

Jordan and his friends were really looking forward to this night. Though he is still in State College for Volleyball and I don't have any details, Jordan tells me it was "pretty cool". Jordan went with his friend Nicole and 6 other couples. Everyone met at Nicole's house .
They Boarded this Limo Bus which would take them to the Downtown Club where the Prom was being held. Not that anyone asked my opinion, but I thought that the Trolley that took them to the Jr. Prom was much cooler. One of the other moms(who also works in health care ) &I thought it looked a bit like one of those Medical Transport Vans.

It was much nicer inside

Then it was off to the Gardens at the Art Museum for pictures

Finally they were off to the Prom, where they would dance the night away until 1:00 a.m.-except for the Boys Volleyball Team who had to leave at Midnight for a 3 hour ride to Penn State for Championships at 9:00 a.m. the next morning. Anyone interested in the Volleyball update can read on

At Midnight on 5/29 DH arrived at the Downtown Club (which is just across the street from Independence Hall) with a trunk full of the kids' luggage for Penn State. As some church bells were ringing the team arrived on the Portico, shed their Tuxes, donned their traveling clothes and piled into 2 vans for the trip. One of the Moms was there to collect the Tuxes and would organize their return to parents later in the day.

The team arrived at Penn State at 4:00 a.m.. They slept until 8 and were at the gym for their first game at 9:00 a.m. Subsequent games were at 12:30 and 3:30. They ended up with 4 wins and 5 losses - one win short of advancing to finals on Saturday! The drivers were far too exhausted to drive home on Friday. They would spend the night, watch one game this morning and then head home.

I am eager for them to get home and share the details of the prom and the games. Over the phone, Jordan told me that they were "bummed", but really glad that they had the chance to play in States. Given my own competitive streak, I am a bit annoyed about the planning. Playoff dates are established very early in the school year. While no one had a crystal ball, it seems to me that there was no reason to plan the Prom on the night before States. Since the Prom is on a Thursday night, it is not particularly difficult to reserve a venue. While I doubt that they would have won the State Championship, I know that they would have gone much further with more than 4 hours of sleep. Nevertheless, I am thrilled for this special group of young men! I know that they will be honored at school and that by next year this will be a very special memory!

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Oh, Sheri, they all look so beautiful! Ah, to be that young again...

Good for them for giving up the end of their Prom to travel to the volleyball state finals.

You are right - it WAS bad planning to schedule the Prom the Night before.

Had to laugh at your Medical Transport Van comment. I would agree.

Enjoyed the prom pictures. Everyone looks so happy.

4 hours sleep was the first thing I thought also! I think they did tremendous with the conditions of traveling and lack of sleep that night. They should be proud!

Thanks for sharing - this looks like so much fun! I agree that it was poor scheduling but they were troopers to make it all work. Sorry they were one win short but still, what an honor to go!


What a fabulous looking bunch of kids - what an exciting time for them; I'm quite jealous.


Thanks all for your comments. It was a really exciting weekend for Jordan (and me). The Team really did feel honored to have made it to States. I know it will be a special memory for them in years to come!


Love the van comment, but mostly I am moved by the radiant smiles on Jordan and his prom date - I am not sure I want to be that age again, but I would love to feel that way. Enjoy, enjoy, these special times.


Thanks, Marcia. I love their smiles too. I am so enjoying their excitement over these last days of High School!

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