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Celebrating South Philly Style!

South Philadelphians like to decorate for everything, and Graduation is no exception! Our block celebrated 4 Graduations this June.

There was Jordan

My next door neighbors had 2 Graduates to celebrate

Another High School Graduate a few doors away

There were many Graduation Parties, including ours, this month. I was much too busy to take pictures at our house party (note to self: hire servers next time!). My next door neighbors had an old fashioned block party to celebrate their two Graduates. It was a blast. I have never seen my street without cars parked on both sides. All cars had to be off the street from 4:00 p.m. til midnight (for once, Jordan had a choice of parking spots when he returned from another party at 12:30 a.m.). A huge tent went up in the middle of the street.
Plenty of Beer & Wine flowed all night for the Adults

There was plenty of food to feed the 100+ guests and they were Dancing in the Street ,late into the night! The DJ was under the Blue Tent on the sidewalk.


A good time was had by all - even the few neighbors who grumbled about having to move their cars!

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I love graduation parties.
Congrats to the graduates.

What a wonderful tradition to decorate the windows like that! I think it looks so cool. And the street party does sound like a blast!


I like Phillie style entertaining - nothing beats a good street party. Congratulations to all the graduates.


Wow! You Philly people really know how to celebrate! It looks like a great time!

I love the windows too! What a neat thing to do.

Finally catching up on your blog. Sounds like Philly is the place to be for a graduation party!

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