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And He Is Off......

To college, that is! It has been a hectic and emotional two weeks for me as I prepared to send Jordan off to college. I thought that Dorm Shopping & packing would never end. I had thought that I would be prepared for this as I had sent DS #1 off 3 years ago. Sending the "baby" off to college was far more difficult for me than I had imagined it would be. Random memories would flash through my mind at odd hours of the day and night, bringing tears to my eyes at the strangest times. I worried. Would he make good decisions without me being in his face with dire warnings? Would he find his way to class without my directions? Would he manage his time well without my asking him if his homework was done before he went out? Would he get enough sleep without my reminding him that he always gets sick when he tries to burn the candle at both ends?

My DH, friends and coworkers have been very patient & sympathetic with me . And, they have given me a kick in the Butt when I needed a reality check. Of course, the answer to those questions is yes, yes, yes, and yes. Though he is a social butterfly and a bit of a procrastinator,Jordan has always been a good student with a strong sense of right and wrong. He is ready to spread his wings and I have to let him fly. He is happy,excited and ready for College. I have to trust that we have prepared him well to deal with the inevitable bumps along the road - not easy for a control freak like me! In reality this is as much about me as it is about him as I face this transition in life. Though I think that the next few weeks will be difficult at times, I am actually looking forward to having some time to think about what I would like for myself, and having more time with DH again.

After some tearful (for me) goodbyes, we were off to Penn State. Perhaps one of the most difficult goodbyes for Jordan was to his beloved, Maddie!


The actual move-in was very well organized. Jordan thinks his roommate is awesome, and his room is quite comfortable though quite small. The weekend was actually fun. I ran in to a few old friends who were dropping kids off and met many new parents who were also dropping off kids. I spent much time with my friend, Peggy who is the mom of one of Jordan's friends. We all shared many laughs as well as some tears. It was nice to know that I was not the only one on an emotional roller coaster.While I wish that Penn State was not designated the #1 Party School, I do believe that every school is a party school. I will have to trust Jordan to make the right decisions and to take advantage of the many opportunities available to him at this great school. Though it was difficult to say goodbye to Jordan this morning, I am glad to be home.

I have much to be grateful for:

Jordan is a great kid and he is doing what he should be doing

My friend & neighbor,Irene, who accompanied me on this journey since Joe was at Football Camp. I would not have wanted to do this move-in on my own.

The support of my family & friends

The Department of Health who arrived at work this morning for their annual,unannounced survey.I will be much to busy to wallow in pity this week. And since they arrived on Sunday, they will finish on Wednesday which means that my long weekend at the Beach will not be impacted.

That Adam is still home for 1 1/2 weeks

That Family Weekend at PSU is just 6 short weeks away :)!!

That I will have some time for myself!

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Awww, Sheri, this is just a new phase in your life.

Maddie looks so sad - you and she can console each other.

Maddie's face does look like she is already missing him! What an exciting time. I hope that he enjoyes college life as much as I did!

Dear Annie,

I came across your blog because I also am pleased to be a part of Diana's initiative. I see your son is just starting at Penn State. My daugther is Professor Tacconi of Musicology there and I visit often. I wish him all the best. You describe the emotions and doubts that I remember so well when both my children took off for college in the U.S. We live in Umbria, Italy so it was FAR AWAY. Who knows if Jordan will ever take a course of my daughter's in the Music Department - perhaps for General Ed.



I hear you on the worry and reality check front. We're Moms, its what we do. *grin*


Thanks Nancy,Annie,Mary & Amy. As I said the support of my friends has been so helpful. Mary, I just found your comment in my Junk Folder. I will tell Jordan about your daughter!

This post made me wonder just how my mom felt when I left for college. I think I was oblivious at the time but am guessing she was feeling the same way. I hope you both adjust to your new phases in life.

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