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All Mixed Up(but,happy)

Geez I don't know where August and September went,and today I find myself at Seven Springs Resort in Laurel Spring Pennsylvania for a conference until Thursday. When I get home, October will be more that half over! I have had such little time at home to establish a new routine and enjoy my empty nest! First we moved Jordan into school the weekend of 8/21. This was followed by a short beach vacation and then it was time to move Adam back to school.There was another (long planned) weekend at the Beach with friends (good company,lousy weather) followed by 2 weekends of Jewish Holidays. And then it was time for Family Weekend at Penn State (dare I say that I hardly had time to miss Jordan!That was a great weekend,shared with my friend Peggy's family as her daughter is also at PSU and Kelsey & Jordan were high school buddies as well as with Jordan's roommate and his family). Jordan is obviously happy and made a great college choice for himself, so how could I not be happy?During this crazy time we adopted a new kitty who we are trying to introduce to our high maitenance Boxer. Work has been busy with an interesting new project,but crazy with Contract Negotiations which continue despite the fact that we still do not have a State Budget!

This type of schedule is really out of character for us as we are generally homebodies. I thought that being busy would help me adjust to the empty nest. I think that the anticipation was worse than the actual event. I do miss the kids very much, but I like the peace & quiet too. The house stays neater,grocery bills without 2 young men are comical,and it is really nice to have conversations with DH that do not have anything to do with kids! I am looking forward to our Theatre supscription which begins next weekend. I would love to plan a weekend in New York, but I think that that will have to wait until Spring. I am so looking forward to being at home with nothing much planned until our trip to Isla over the holidays.

I really need to establish a routine for myself. There is no rush to have dinner by 6 so that the kids can do homework. DH is coaching H.S. Football so he is never home before 7:45. By the time we finish with dinner, I am ready for bed! I am reluctant to change my 7:30 to 4 work hours as I like that time at home to myself-- although I don't seem to accomplish much! I knew that I was on overload when I realized that I paid my AMEX Bill twice this month - once on the 5th and again on the 9th. A refund is on the way. I think that once I get home from this conference, I will bunker down and a new routine will evolve.

I am really behind with posting Sunday Slow Bites. I did make both the Avocado and Goat Cheese recipes.Need to find a smoked salmon recipe and one for Pecans, which is my ingredient for 10/18. Though I could be catching up now if I were at home, I will enjoy these 4 days in western Pennsylvania. I am about an hour from Pittsburgh, actually in the middle of nowhere. I often forget how rural Pennsylvania is. Seven Springs is a Ski Resort. The Folliage, though not at its' peak, is beautiful. Every room has a balcony, and I have a really nice view of the mountain.I suspect that the sunset would be beautiful if there was not such a heavy cloud cover today. Tomorrow, the conference is over at 1:30, and I am going to the Spa here with some friends. Looking forward to a hot stone massage!

Wishing everyone a good week!

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Hey! I think I've been to that resort. In my previous life, when I was a health care marketing consultant, I spoke at the Pennsylvania Health Care Association annual convention. I think it was held there.

It sounds like you are having great(even if hectic) time!

Have a great weekend!


We were were amazed by how rural Pennsylvania is when we drove between Philly to Pittsburgh and then to Penn State. I especially remember a long stretch of highway where all we saw were cows and billboards for strip clubs and then yet more cows that had us in hysterical laughter.


That's funny,Deb. Could you have spoken at a PACAH (Penna. Association of County Affiliated Homes)Conference? This is their 58th Annual Conference. Did attend a session on Marketing & Census Development.

Amy, I know what you mean about the cows and strip clubs!That is what surrounded us. A local heard me on the phone telling someone that I was in the middle of nowhere.He chuckled and said "You must be from the city,you haven't seen the middle of nowhere yet"!

We went months dealing with the unknown for our contract with the State of Hawaii in a big mess. We finally voted a couple of weeks ago on a new contract, which includes 17 furlough days a year for 2 years. Not good at all but at least we are no longer in limbo. I hope your contract is settled soon. I know how the unknown can be so unsettling.

And cows and strip clubs huh? Interesting! :)

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