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Beaches on Isla

I admit to being a die hard beach lover. I could spend from morning to night on the Beach - either with a good book &/or a group of friends to chat with. It is the one place where I can truly relax. I love the sun,the sand, the smells of the ocean and and suntan lotion and,of course,the sound of the Ocean. Crowded beaches do not bother me as long as I have a comfy place to sit and a spot for an Umbrella when I need a reprieve from the sun. Despite the fact that this was the busiest tourist week of the year and the Beaches were crowded, we never had diffulty finding 4 chairs and two Umbrellas.We usually paid between $20 & $25.00 for the chairs/umbrellas. We went to the same beach for 4 of our 6 days there and paid a different price each time - didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the charges.Lesfaye, who usually went to the Beach in the morning never paid for a chair - as long as she ordered something to eat or drink. We, OTOH, never made it to the beach before noon. Whatever - sitting on that beach and watching the boats sailing in the Turquoise water was delightful and well worth the cost of the chairs! Cocktails on the Beach were pretty nice too!

Perhaps my favorite beach day was our visit to Zama a private beach club towards the South end of the Island. It was a $4.00 taxi ride from our apartment.In addition to a beachside restaurant and bar, there are 3 cascading pools and a jacuzzi. There is a large shaded area, and both the beach and the pool deck have really comfortable beach beds and sofas.You are expected to spend $25.00 pp at Zama,but I didn't get the impression that the dollar amount was strictly enforced.We were there from 12:30 til 6:00 p.m. and didn't quite make the $100.00.The food (burgers & club sandwiches) was quite good as were the Crepes.
The Bar at Zama was a wonderful place to hang around to watch the sunset.

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Wow, those are such gorgeous photos. That last one is stunning!

I love the beach too...sounds, smells, everything. :)

The last photo is just gorgeous! I also love the beach, I miss the smell and sound of the ocean.


Stunning photos, what a gorgeous place! I too love the ocean, there are times I simply MUST take a drive to the water's edge just to listen, smell, soak in its awesomeness!


So appreciate the photo compliments from all of you accomplished photographers!

Barb Cabot:

I'm 100% a beach person. I love your post on the beaches and I'm with you the price of the chairs and the umbrellas however varied was worth it. Wonderful pics.

The beaches look wonderful. My hubby is not a beach person so I don't get a chance to do it very often. Maybe it is time for a girls trip. :)


Marta, a girl's trip sounds like fun!

Beautiful beaches and photos! I used to be a beach fanatic. I do not go to the beach as much anymore though. I think after living in Hawaii for so long, I have taken it for granted, knowing I can go anytime I want. I have also become very picky with the weather, waiting to go only on that perfect day and am much more cautious with sun exposure after being exposed so much with the high UV rays here. I know if I still lived in Massachusetts, I would still be a beach fanatic though. I guess when it is right in front of you, it becomes not as important.

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