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Cheer Me Up

Truthfully, I have little energy to Blog tonight. My heart goes out to my dear friend,whose child is struggling with an addiction problem. After a recent relapse she is in a Rehab again. Why do good, smart kids do stupid things? I have worked for years with Addiction related problems, but it is an entirely different ballgame when it hits close to home. How to answer the question "what would you do"? It surprises me how quick people are to give advice and pass judgement. The truth is, I don't know what I would do. I can't even imagine! She is doing all of the right things for herself and I will always be there to support her. And, I will stop complaining about where Adam will choose to go to Grad School and how much money Jordan spends!

So, what did I do to cheer me up? Looked at more cat pictures from work. Patrick & Shannon are another brother and sister pair who live on the third floor. Though they have a comfy lounge with beds and toys:

Princess Shannon prefers to be in the middle of the activity at the Nurses Station


King Patrick prefers lounging on the BenchIMG_1229.JPG

Thank you Patrick & Shannon for always bringing a smile to my face!

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They are so adorable!
Sheri, I wish your friend all the luck dealing with her child's addiction problem. A dear relative and friend of mine is dealing with the same problem. I'll be praying for both.

My family has addiction problems. One of my cousins died eventually. IT is easy to look over until it is too late. Inadvertant over-partying is a big cause to addiction.
Alchohol is a socailly accepted drug but addiction is a sickness based on genes and DNA. It is not a shame but a real sickness


Angie,you are so right.It is a disease.Just a shame that American Insurance companies don't recognize this and many people still tend to blame it on some moral failings!


So sorry to hear about your friend's family having to struggle with addiction. It is so true about your statement that at times bright children make very unwise decisions. I pray for them and wish them well.

Best wishes to your friend and her family. And seeing those kitties cheers me up too! We can learn a lot about complete relaxation from cats. :)

She is lucky to have you as a friend. I hope your friend's daughter is able to get some good help. It can be such a destructive disease and is a shame that so often it is not recognized as a health issue. Cats can be such wonderful companions. Glad they bring you smiles.


Sheri, just reading this now, so sorry to read of this. Like you, I find it hard to know what to say at such times. But I can hold you and your friend and her child in my heart and prayers. My late brother-in-law was an alcoholic, as was a former long time boyfriend of my mom's while I was growing up. So I have glimpsed the effects addiction can have on the individuals and their families. Also angers me when people blame the victim, as if anyone asks to be an addict. Yes, we all have will power, BUT overcoming addictions goes way beyond a simplistic "I'll have juice instead of vodka today" kind of decision. For most, beating their addiction is a lifelong battle, especially in this day of being bombarded with advertisements showing the fun, cool in-crowd quaffing beer etc. Ok, that's my rant...

Blessings to you and love the cat photos! :)


Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Round 2 of Rehab going well so far!

I hope your friend's daughter continues to do well in rehab.

I LOVE the kitty pix!

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