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Dolphins and Turtles on Isla

I have to admit that I am not a fan of toying with confined animals/mammals. My husband and kids really wanted to Swim with the Dolphins,so we went ahead and made reservations for the three of them to do so at Garrafon National Park on the Southern end of the Island.There are several places on Ave. Hildago where you can set up a variety of daytrips.Note that there are a number of costly Dolphin Swim options and they will try to sell you the "Day at the Park" which includes access to their pool and buffett.Since we did not plan to take advantage of any of the other activities there (all with an additional fee) or the Buffet, we chose the least expensive option : a one hour group swim with the Dolphins for 3 people which totaled $340.00. Each swimmer could bring a guest so I did not have to pay the park entrance fee. I was able to watch from the Observation Deck - just far enough away so that I could not take meaningful photos and would have to purchase the photos taken by park photographers (which were quite good & cost $15.00 each). . I was underwhelmed by what I saw of the park - the buffett did not look appetizing,the shops sold all of the typical Isla Tourist Stuff, the pool was fairly small and there were only a few loungechairs. This was the day that we had rented a Golf Cart so we used that for transportation and it took us about 15 -20 minutes to get there from downtown.
All 3 swimmers loved the experience so I guess that it was worth giving up 3 hours of beach time!
I think that this is a photo of Jordan riding the DolphinIMG_1045.JPG

We also visited the Sea Turtle Sanctuary this day. Established about 20 years ago by the Mexican Government,its' goal is to protect sea turtles and increase the population. After hatching,baby turtles are maintained in salt water tanks until they are large enough to safely release to the ocean. Various websites talk about guided tours with an educational component, but we didn'tsee anything of the sort.We just strolled through the grounds and saw hundreds of turtles of varying sizes. Turtles always remind me of an unpleasant childhood memory - me begging for a dog and mom trying to appease me with one of those tiny green turtles in a shallow bowl with a plastic Palm Tree. So, this was not my favorite activity,but my family enjoyed it. I think that we have about 60 pictures of turtles!


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Everyone I've ever met who swam with the dolphins loved the experience. They are wonderful creatures but I've never had the urge to get up close with one.

And LOL, I had one of those pet turtles too.

Another LOL, Had the plastic bowl with the plastic palm tree, too. My turtle's name was "Speedy". :rolled eyes:

LOL about the turtles.
Swimming with dolphins is a lot of fun, glad your family got to experience it.

I think I must have missed out on the turtle and palm tree experience. Perhaps it was because we had cats :)

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