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Isla Food

It isn't that I am not a fan of Mexican Food, it's just that I have never really been exposed to it - well, except for those awful Taco Dinner Kits that they sell in the market that my kids loved. One could probably spend a month on Isla and not hit all of the restaurants and that does not include the street stands and Rostierrie Chicken take-outs. I have become a big fan of Mexican Food! While we stuck to Mexican food, there are restaurants of all kinds on Isla.Every restaurant serves fresh fish which is truly outstanding. Two of our favorite places include The Soggy Peso and La Lomita.

The Soggy Peso is a courtyard restaurant attached to a small 6 room hotel located near the Naval Station.Hands down, it is the best bar-b-que I have ever had (well, except for Aunt Bea-Bea's bar-b-que in Phila. as a child). We joined Lesfaye and her husband on Sunday. We decided to go for lunch as we heard that when they run out of ribs, that is the end of food service for the day (there is a large Thatched Roof Bar that is a popular watering hole). It is not really difficult to make a selection. You can order a rack of ribs or a Combo platter of ribs,chicken & sausage - that is the menu.

La Lomita was one of many,small family-run eateries.Our directions indicated that we should turn left on ____________ (can't remember the street name) and just walk towards the water until we see the restaurant on our left. Well it was dark outside & we walked for at least a mile on this residential street (my family was sure that I was leading them to nowhere). La Lomita was practically the last house before the water.It sort of felt like we were eating at someone's house. I had the most delicious Chile Relleno (sorry, I started to eat it before I remembered to take a picture) and Adam had a fabulous Mexican Chicken Soup that another diner recommended. He wolfed this appetizer down before I could even think of a picture. Dinner for four with appetizers, entrees, 5 beers and 2 soda's was $57.00 including tip!!

On our next visit we want to try Olivia's a very popular Mediterranean Restaurant and LoLo Larena's - a local woman who cooks and serves dinner in her home.By the time we had learned about these places,we really didn't have time to make reservations.

After dinner we usually headed to Sancocho's, a local Sports Bar to watch the Football playoff games.Just about everywhere on the island, including the Beach,Alcoholic Beverages were sold 2 for 1.They were still half the price of drinks in the U.S. Hey, on vacation who doesn't have 2 drinks?

There has been a recent influx of Mexican immigrants in Philadelphia over the past few years. I have noticed a couple of Mexican Grocers and a few restaurants that have opened. Now that I have tasted authentic Mexican food, I will have to give these places a try!

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LOL about the Taco Dinner kits. Real Mexican food is a relevation after those things! Looks like you discovered some wonderful places.

Barb Cabot:

Oooh the food looks great and I just love seeing the photos of your family. What a great vacation. Everyone looks so happy.

Food can make the vacation for me. I tend to follow my taste buds when it comes ti picking a vacation destination. I LOVE Mexican food.


I love Mexican food and I agree with Candi -- good food can really help to make a trip!

I can see why both you and Lesfaye rave about the food. It looks delish.


I, too love Mexican food! food and vacations... heaven! :)


Yum-yummy!! Sounds delicious. The name Soggy Peso cracks me up. :) Great photos!


This was a real eye opener for me as far as Mexican Food. Eager to try more - both cooking & eating!

Anne,I chuckled at the Soggy Peso name too.Joe was talking about this place tonight and called it the Crooked Pelican.At first I couldn't figure out what he was talking about and then I laughed so hard,I was crying!

I have never been a big Mexcian food fan. It will be interesting to eat authentic Mexican food at the San Diego GTG.

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