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Peeling Potatoes

In keeping with the kitchen theme, I thought that I would share this e mail tip I received from a friend. She says it works like a charm, though I haven't tried it yet. But, since I am the now the proud owner of 3 vegetable peelers (see yesterday's entry), perhaps I don't need this tip!

Click and paste this You Tube link into your browser:


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Thanks for sharing, I guess it is best when you have MANY potatoes to peel.


That's how I peel beets when pickling them! Works like a charm. Never thought of doing this with potatoes. I just use a curved paring knife for those, find that much easier than using a peeler.

Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island??? What in the world is she doing on this YouTube video? And where did she get that silly accent? That is not how she talked on Gilligan's Island.

That is is very cool tip though on peeling potatoes. I wonder if it works on all types of potatoes?

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