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Time Flies

Really late with today's entry. How did it get to be March 26? How is it possible that the first 2 Passover Seders are Monday and Tuesday and I have done so little? Thankfully on Monday night we will be at my cousins and I just have to bring Amy's Smoked Paprika Roasted Chicken.The second Seder will be at my house and the guest list is growing daily - started at 7 and now up to 16! So, I will be getting up VERY early tomorrow morning to do a massive foodshop and then will have a cooking marathon over the weekend. Thank you to Aunt Jackie ,especially for the Chicken Soup & Matzoh Balls, for all of the help! No way could I have done the Soup (nor would it have been as good as hers) at this late date. Sorry Jeff, there will be no Gefilte Fish since you are the only one who eats it :)!

Not sure that I will be able to keep up the daily blogging through Tuesday, but I will try (or play catch-up next week). Really, where did the time go?

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Sounds like you are going to be mighty busy this weekend. The only way I have been able to keep up with blogging daily has been to do 4 or 5 blog posts in advance each week.

I had to laugh about the Gefilte Fish and wonder now if I have ever had it while at my grandma's house. I guess I probably would have remembered, at least if I did not like it. Chicken soup sounds yummy. Happy Passover in advance.


I'm struggling to stay on top of the daily blogging too. Only realized yesterday that I missed March 14...tempted to go back and post a retro entry just to keep my calendar intact!.


Girasoli, you would have remembered the smell of the Gefilte Fish - at least I remember the smell of my Grandmom's house while she was cooking eat.

Anne, we need some of those quick Meme's (spelling) that we used last year for quick entries!

Barb Cabot:

Sheri, Happy Passover! I think you are doing an outstanding job of blogging considering your busy schedule. It is a challenge indeed. Have a great weekend and week ahead.

Happy Passover - it sounds like you were supper busy but I'm certain it was wonderful.

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