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What A Sucker

Yesterday I made a run to our local Wholesale Club,BJ's. As I was wandering around the store there was an announcement that they were giving away free Vegetable Peelers. I had just noticed last week that my Potatoe Peeler was broken. I wandered over to the designated spot where 3 or 4 people had gathered. A pleasant lady told us that they would be giving away the peeler in just a few seconds,but that she wanted to show us something first.Though I should have left, I was curious and now there were about 10 people gathered around. She began to demonstrate the New, Super Duper, Patent Pending EuroSlicer available exclusively at BJ's. In less than 5 minutes she chopped an onion,cut potatoes for both french fries and home fries,shredded a head of cabbage for cole slaw.sliced a tomatoe and julienned a carrot - all effortlessly and without waste. If you purchased this now for $39.95, not only would you get your free peeler, you would get 2 more, a kitchen scissors,a grater, and 3 Stainless Steel Knives which never need sharpening. Jordan is home for the week and I have some recipes for the week that require a fair amount of chopped vegetables - something that I don't really like to do.It is also a busy week as I get ready for San Diego, and I thought that this looked like a great timesaver. So, now I am the proud owner of this revolutionary new tool!

Well, it took me a lot longer to chop onions than it did the lady who demonstrated it in the store plus the time it took me to clean up the onions that sort of flew onto the floor. OTOH,I quickly and evenly sliced zuchinni & squash this morning. Perhaps practice makes perfect.The vegetable peeler is pretty chintzy and I can't quite figure out how to use it. I certainly don't need 3 of them. I do like the scissors, and can always use knives. Now I need to figure out where I am going to store my new items!

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Sheri---how do you handle state fairs? ;-)


Jane,I've never been to a State Fair.Should I stay away?But really, how did she do all of that so effortlessly?

Ha :) I am the same way when I see those demonstrations. I had to delete the shopping network stations off my TV so I wouldn't buy anything when up late at night flipping through the channels.

What does it say on those knives?


Girasoli, the knives say Tomatoe,Cheese and Pizza.Haven't used them yet.Used the cheese grater tonight for some Parmesan Cheese.It did not work like a charm!

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