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February 2010:The Winter From Hell

I hope that as this entry posts it is a beautiful,sunny day in San Diego and that this winter is but a distant memory. This was,by far, the worst winter I can remember (including the 30" snowfall in Jan. 1996).Two major winter storms less than one week apart. The first dumped 23.5 " and the second dumped another 18".Personaaly I don't think that there is anything pretty about the snow. Perhaps if I had a different job that did not necessitate 4 sleeps in the Nursing Home I would feel differently.

Though the city did a stellar job with street cleaning, major storms in the city neighborhoods are a nightmare. There is nowhere to put that much snow! Getting to & from your car is sort of like mountain climbing - that is if you were lucky enough to find a place to park.

A picture of our street 2 days after the first storm
This is my adorable neighbor who helped his parents shovel a walkway after the 2nd storm. Note the amount of snow you have to get over to get into the street/your car.


DH had many days off from school because of this storm. He was nice enough to shovel a path from our front steps to the street so that I would not have to climb over snowbanks early in the morning :)! Note the two snow covered cars which remained in front of MY HOUSE for 3 weeks!


Well, I am sure glad to be in San Diego. Some day I will laugh about the Winter of 2010! But not yet.

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You really did get walloped this year, didn't you? I kept reading about the horrendous storms and counting my blessings when most veered out around Nova Scotia and straight up to Newfoundland. We had a couple of big storms, but was not a heavy snow year for us.

Ah, Sheri. Even though I'm quite green with envy, I'm glad you're in San Diego, too! Have fun.

Now that is a lot of snow! Will DH have to make up the days missed? Hope that does not cut into your summer beach time.


Yes Girasoli, he will have to make up the days. Two days cancelled from Spring Break, 1 Professional Development day lost and 1 day added to the school year.Not so bad considering they lost 6 days of school!

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