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A shout out to my bro who is back in the states

My brother Jim just got back from touring around South America. This was his second year livin' la vida loca in that part of the world. When he's not there he's in North Carolina enjoying the mountains. He's got that same wanderlust I have, but he's a serious nomad compared to me. I haven't seen him for three years now, since our dad died. It's been too long.

Ah, I remember the day I came home from college coming down off a trip (hey, like you haven't?) and feeling all wonky and out of it. I was sitting on the dryer in my dad's kitchen and he came over and popped up on the washing machine. There was this silence between us and then he said those knowing words, "bad trip, eh?” I mean how great is that? Ah, big brothers, you know?

I love you bro! Nice to have you back in the same country. Stomp...wheeze...


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watch out world. here comes trouble.

Richard (old friend from Prov):

Awaiting more news... cool to see you online!

Now you'll just have to head east for a visit!

Jim :

The "Stomp, Wheeze" thing has nothing to do with me, honest! It refers to yet another family member who we'd rather not mention for fear of legal repercussions and because she stinks... (Ooops? Can she sue us for that?) Anyways, I'm Baaaaack! With the car I left here already broken down, impressed by how much prices of cars seem to have risen even in the 6 months I was gone, and already why I came back, anyway? The one bright spot today was when a Latino on the street said "Amigo" to me and I answered 'Hola' without thinking. Got to do my taxes (oh, that's why I came back), figure out how to do my taxes from down there, and then go back.


Jim, you little bastard!

OK, I'm done with the inside sis/bro jokes now. Honest.

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