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And we're off!

What do I say on my very first post on my very first blog?

Well, let me say I am thrilled to have a place to muse and rant and share a bit of myself. I've been journaling since I was ten years old, so I have drawers full of notebooks. This is my way of helping to save the environment and to stop using so much paper. Nice rationalization for a blog, eh?

Oh, just wait until I get to you and suck you into my little bitty world. Just you wait!

Now about the name...

My dad used to love to call me 'Persnickety Tutu" when I was being feisty. I'm a feisty woman, no doubt about it. He reserved this term of endearment for me and for his beloved girl cats. All these years later and I still get a happy tweak when I say the name out loud. It's just so me.

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Kathy - love the layout, not the tease. LOL Dish, we want some serious dish! Welcome to the world of blogging!


Jerry, I'm still working on it, but the name is so me. I'm digging it. Oh, there will be some dish for sure. You betcha.


Personally, I love the title, it's one of those things that just rolls right out and puts a smile on your face.


Welcome to the world of blogging! I look forward to rants, opinions, and crazy adventures. GREAT name! Go girlfriend.



Good job! Been waiting for this one -- Let those games begin! ;-)

Thanks Maria! You helped push me into this!

I will be reading this one!!

I'm looking forward to reading your blog! Let the dish begin!

Go, dahling.

Joanne McDonnell:

Hey cuz.....nice stuff! I will keep reading...




How utterly fabulous to see your name! A cuz from Australia reading. Totally cool...


I'm a little late with this, but congrats on the new blog, Kathy!

We are expecting lots of interesting stuff from you, girl!

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