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Gigging it

I had a gig last night that was a bit of fun. I worked a cool photo shoot. It was at one of those crazy houses in the Hollywood Hills were all you see is glass and skyline. I know almost nothing about American Idol and never even knew there was one in the UK, but this shoot was for an Idol guy. It was for the cover of his album. Super nice guy with a definite Justin Timberlake look and vibe. Man, I’m a sucker for British men. That accent is insane!

Next week I’m going to the Standard Hotel Downtown LA to see and be seen at a cocktail party at the rooftop bar. I’ve never been, though I’ve been meaning to go since they opened. It’s a work thing, but I’m hoping to meet up with a friend afterward in Little Tokyo for some sushi and sake. If I’m trekking downtown and cocktailing it, I might as well hang down there and make a night of it.

Sometimes I just really dig LA.

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Sushi and sake -- yum! And in Little Tokyo too -- you go girl! It sounds like you're certainly having fun -- that's what it's all about, when you get right down to it. And about that accent. Just wait until you come for a visit -- we'll go to Scotland and check out the kilted ones and listen to that accent ;-)



Now you're talkin'!

Say, have a great mini-break. Give a hoot and holler to our kilted boys from me. ;-)


Kathy - okay - you have a gig, but doing what? Do you cater these events?


Kim, I DO cater these events. I have private clients I do sort of everything for and then I work for a catering and event company run by this incredibly cool woman who used to tour the world as a private chef for rock bands! It's a new situation for me, but I love it thus far. I work for an all female run business. I dig that chick power.


That's really cool - so do you help with the cooking, the set-up, the serving? A bit of everything? Personally, I'd love to hear about tips for prep-ahead stuff.


Kim, I do it all! I'm usually the big bad manager woman who oversees it all, directs the staff and makes it all flow (which means I do a little of everything), but I also design buffets and cook from time to time for my private clients. I've done pretty much everything on an event that you can imagine. I've even helped with security and I just love to hang out with those security boys. I hear the best stories. ;-)

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