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Rooftops and cocktails

The cocktail party/meet and greet at the Standard hotel was fun last night. I’d never been to the rooftop bar and let me just say…FABULOUS! Being there made me long for loft living as I have always fantasized about packing it all up and moving into a loft space in the grunge of downtown. I happen to love urban living. I’m one of those people who can pretty much set up shop and make a home anywhere.

The views of downtown LA at night are incredible. There’s a real energy, a pulsation even, that is taking place down there now. More and more people are moving downtown and I’m excited to see the urban renewal taking place. It's got more of a New York vibe to it now which really turns me on. It's very cool.

Tina Brown wasn't there (ruling mistress of the magazine world) as the event was really for event industry peeps like me. I sought out the coolest looking woman there and we became fast friends. It turned out she was the one to meet as she’s been in the business for 30 years and knows EVERYONE. I told her about my desire to move to Europe for a while and she said if I decide to move to London she has a ton of connections there and would hook me up if I ever decided to go that route. I just love strong open women. She and I clicked so well we ended the night hugging it out. That one’s for you, Maria!

The party was by the pool and as it was invite only, you had to get past the hot security dudes to get in. The larger part of the rooftop bar was already popping with little blond tartlettes and the boys in the hood types who looked to be hip hop artists. They came in a group and rolled up in front of me in a pimp my ride bling mobile. I loved it. I love seeing all types thrown in together to play. I'm big on diversity. And the music was amazing! The DJ was spinning old school like Funkin' for Jamaica and flashlight (two of my faves) and people were moving to the grooves. I had my 2 cosmos, some kick butt Hors d’oeuvres and shimmied out of there before things ended. I met some nice people and told a few of them about my blog. I’m all about sharing the love.

I will say that my next lover is taking me to the standard for a night of cocktails by the pool, some chilled out dining and a serious night of passion. I walked out thinking it’s the perfect place for a late night tryst. It’s all mood and dark lighting and there is something so tactile about the place. It sort of oozes a certain sensuality. Delish.


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Crikey! Look at YOU!


Oh I am liking that room! How cool is that?! And thanks ;-)

I would love to see downtown LA now. When we lived in the OC in 88 to 93 it was the laughing stock of all cities. I used to have to call on clients and go to the Times down there, and usually hated it. But I could see the potential.


Diana, I've been here since '91 and it has been really amazing to see how much downtown has changed. There is new life in downtown LA!

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