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A traveler's longing

I’ve been feeling a tremendous sadness about the fact I can’t head over to Europe this summer. I have so many people I want to see in different countries and I just can’t swing it right now. Maybe I should take my client up on her now constant suggestion that it’s time to find me a good man who will help take care of me (she writes with a smirk and a hard roll of the eyes). Do women still do that these days, have men who help take care of them? What on earth would I know about that! As far back as I can remember I'm the one generally taking care of the man. I'm tired of raising my men. I want one fully assembled, with all working parts in order and ready to go, thank you. Is that asking too much?

Stepping away from the man rant now. I've exhausted myself.

Back to longing...

You see today my mind is full with visions of Paris (the city, not the twit)) as I was reminded yesterday of how magical it is in summer by a friend who recently moved there to be with her love. Her stories have retweaked that hunger I have to pick up and move to a place that lights me up from within, makes me all shiny and bright. You really have to have a certain balls to the wall grasp on life to shake things up and step out of your comfort zone. I'm ready to shake things up already. I am consumed with wanderlust. I ache.

I feel as if I'm in a room alone looking out an open window and I can see the world awaiting me. All that life awaiting me.


I am lucky I have people like the lovely Federica (ciao bella!) who just moved to Barcelona with her love, who she utterly adores, and is egging me on to come and visit them soon. I actually met Federica in Italy and wrote about her in the trip report I penned for SlowTrav - Single and Solo in Italy. We have been friends ever since and I feel so connected to her and yet haven't even seen in over two years now. The friends you meet on your travels are the ones that become the mirror in which you see your life. They are there to remind you of who you are becoming.

So, I’ve got people I want to see in Paris and Barcelona, a wandering Sicilian in London who is tempting me with her quiet tales of life in the city I love so much, dear Diana in Italy who owns a Bed and Breakfast in Piedmont - Baur B&B (every friend who has stayed with her tells me she makes magic happen) and whom I am destined to eat dark chocolate, drink red wine and do yoga with, oh yes. I have Elizabeth in Rome who last I heard was madly in love (girl, where you be AT), and so many other fabulous people in between. I am a lucky little tutu to have such pleasure and fun awaiting me. I am rich I tell you, RICH.

I’m a comin’ you lovely people. I’m a comin'.

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it's crazy how time goes so fast... Already two years have passed by! And I moved twice! But we're planning to stay in Barcelona for a long periode, at least 4 years. You will have enough time to plan a visit!

I love Paris too, but Barcelona it's better 'cause of the sea and the temperature... you'll see...

big big kiss my friend!



There you are! I'm coming, I promise. We'll have our tea by the sea!

Big hug and kiss back to you my friend. XO


I hear you; Paris can't come soon enough. Last year after our "near miss" in London, I thought, "I'm going to stay home for a while." Hasn't happened yet.


Hi, my name is Kristi and I live in Austin...found your link thru slowtrav and I really have enjoyed reading your blog.

I completely identify with your longing to travel (europe)...it's been 7 long years since my first and only visit to Italy/France and I can't wait to return. We're going back in October - hooray.

Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself and let you know I'll stop in for a peek to see what you are up to from time to time!



Welcome to an Austin chick!

How fabulous that you're going back in the Fall. I might be there too, you never know. Once that wanderlust hits you, you're cooked. Feel free to email me with any questions or musings at: Persnicketytutu@yahoo.com

Carry on!


Hello again! Thanks for the stamp of approval.

Speaking of wanderlust - damn, I love that word..need to use it more..anyway, I have fantasized about ways to move to Italy since the decision was made that we'd go in October. If only myself or my husband had some long lost lineage to give us citizenship. Can that be fabricated, you think? haha.

good to meet you, girl.

check my ramblings out at
www.because-i-want.blogspot.com or shoot me an email

If we magically end up in Italy at the same time, lets plan on a glass of wine or cup of joe someplace.

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