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Those crazy celebrity weddings

Back in the day, when I was a mere catering whore and not the big bad event mama that I am today, I worked on the Pitt/Aniston wedding. It was a trippy time for me because I had just married myself and my then husband and I both worked it together (he was a salaried guy where I was still playing the part of the struggling actress). It was my first gig back after our honeymoon and it was so weird to cater such a flippin' expensive wedding after we'd had ours for like five grand!

So, after I was dropped off in a parking lot, sent through security and been told to leave the mobile in the car, I was bussed to the wedding site. I went through more security for that wedding than I did for the various presidential visits I've done! Yes, I have been officially cleared to take care of our boy Bill whenever he's in town. I'll just leave that there for you to nibble on...

I must say, it was a fabulous affair. Ms. Friend was radiant and lovely and the Pitt was handsome and friendly. The gospel choir that sang was brilliant and it was tres cool to hear Melissa Etheridge sing. All in all I was impressed by those two delish creatures.

OK, the super crazy part of it all is that first my ex and I divorced and then a few years later they split up as well. The TRIPPIEST part of the whole thing? We both used the same private judge for mediation! I mean shouldn't Jen and I, like, get together for drinks and vent? We're like soul sisters who both got sucked up in the love tunnel and came out a bit bruised and winded, but looking damn fine and as strong as wildcats. Well, I don't have to face Angie as part of my deal. That must just suck... big time.

Needless to say, I've been in camp Jen ever since. Can you blame me?


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I was in the Jen camp for a long while. Then I saw Angelina on Actor's studio and realized poor Brad didn't stand a chance ;D


Kim, no kidding! I saw it too. ;D

Hey, I'm all for happiness and landing with the right person, but I felt bad for our girl Jen having to read about Brad's love life - without her- every day.
I think Angie is fighting the good fight and I give her kudos for that but damn girl, how many babies can you adopt?!

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