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Valero sucks!

I now officially hate this petrol chain. I will never use them again and I hope no one I know will either. Why, you ask?
Last week they took my money and gave me nothing in return. NADA.
I got screwed!

You see the deal with Valero is if you buy one of their Pre-Paid gas cards you get a better rate at the pump. So, I gave the little man behind the counter my visa debit card and asked him to charge me $40 for a prepaid gas card. He ran my card and then told me it had been declined. I said that was impossible as I had money in my account. Just as he went to tell me again, the little machine that prints receipts started doing its thing and, lo and behold, I had in fact been charged! I point this out to him and he then tells me it’s not really that I was declined, it’s that the gas card wouldn’t activate. He tried to take my card back from me and was going to run it again and I said I didn’t want to be charged twice. He actually tells me that I WILL be charged twice and that I’ll have to call the Valero corporate number to get a refund and it will take up to ten days to get my money back. I am starting to lose my mind at this point and with a line of people behind me demand that he just direct that $40 to the gas pump so I can get my damn gas. No, he tells me, he can’t do that. Valero headquarters has taken my money and he can’t do anything about it. He says they have problems with the prepaid gas cards and this happens lot. IT DOES? WTF!

So, I get all calm like and very clearly, so everyone can hear me, say the following. “So, you’re telling me that you’ve taken my money and you won’t give me my gas, I’m just flat out of luck”, to which he replies, “Yes, that’s correct.” I can hear people start laughing in line because it’s so completely absurd! I then grabbed my card, told him I was done with Valero, and headed to another gas station where I finally got my tank of gas. I paid for two tanks and got one. Happy me.

I’m dealing with my bank and having the charges reversed. I have to wait to get it all taken care of and the whole thing pisses me off like mad. Oh, and I was nervous about more money coming out of my bank account so I ended up charging the tank of gas I finally got at the next station on my credit card which means I’m paying interest on it. Can I charge them for my bloody interest?

Valero, you can bite me…

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How frustrating - how did you remain so calm ?
love your blog .


Thanks, Kristina!

I was actually really wound up. I took myself out to my favorite Thai place afterward and treated myself to a nice lunch. I knew emergency shake-it-off measures were in order.

Oh, and I placed a curse on them. I'm good at that. ;-)

Joseph a Nelsen (Patricia A. Nelsen):

Well! Isnt that nice of them. I was thinking of opening an account with them, but now I wont, ever. As they do have the cheapest gas in N.Tex, I will stay with my old company, the ones who grounded that ship in alaska years ago, I am sorry to say. However, I have never had any problems with any of their stations across the country. Isnt Valero tied to the Mexican oil cartel somehow? Joe


I have hated Valero for 3 years. I lost about 19,000.00 due to the fact there profits do not reflect their stock.
During the time when they had gained the most money ever in the company 3 yrs ago my money disapeared. Insider says they are actually stealing the share holders money. Their publicity is a gimic its all about suckering americans to invest in their bank job. They have stolen billions from share holders in the last 5 years. The outstanding shares in the company don't even add up, it just gives them control instead of the consumers who actually have majority control not them! Fuck you Valero Ill never buy your gas im switching to natural or ill ride my bike.

Charles B:

Valero Fuel Cards and or gas stations are horrible! Do not buy their fuel cards! It's not accepted by the stations that they list on their website! The stations will trick you into filling your tank first! Proof follows!

November 26, 2008 3:58:02PM
Merrill, Deborah


I do apologize for the inconvenience you have had using our Valero Fuel card. I have heard of a couple people having problems finding stations in the NJ, CT and FL area and that’s why I got that gentleman’s name that said they take the cards.

I believe you mentioned that you received your card for a promotion someone was running so maybe you could contact them and ask if they have had other problems and if they could possibly give you the cash for the card or something in exchange of a fuel card. That would be their call. If you received it from a friend or relative have them call me to see if I can have a supervisor approve a refund on their credit card.

If you would like me to replace it in case it’s bad please let me know the number and security code on the card. Remember that if you travel you can always use this card because there is not an expiration date on it.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Thank you,
Debbie Merrill
Valero Energy
Accounting Clerk
888-207-7214 EXT 4685
Fax 210-370-4040

From: Charles B.* [mailto:cbxxxxxxx@yahoo.com]
Sent: Tuesday, November 25, 2008 12:24 PM
To: Merrill, Deborah
Cc: Charles
Subject: Re: Valero Gift Card (Fuel Card) concerns

Hi Debbie,

I did visit Kelly's Auto/Valero station in Fort Lee, NJ yesterday at 3:30PM EST as you suggested. Prior to using the fuel card and making an additional purchase for the difference, I went into the office to ask if they accepted the card. I displayed the card and they looked at me like if I had 3 heads and suggested that I go out to see the man dispensing the fuel to vehicle to check with him. I didn't get the name of the 3 that I spoke with inside the office because, I couldn't bear another second to be inside that smoke filled office. I asked the man that was dispensing the fuel if his station accepted the card and he said "no." I asked if there was anyone by the name of "Freddie" and he shook his head again and said "no." To remind you of my progress of trying to use this card again....

I went to your Paterson, NJ Valero station, they first said that they accepted the card. After they pumped the fuel, I handed the card to them and they informed me that, the card is not accepted at their station. I went to your Fairfield, NJ on another day and, their machine could not read it however, the gentleman said that they normally accept the card. I then went to your Fort Lee, NJ location yesterday and they looked at me as if the card was from a different company. At this time, with all the traffic, mileage and going from station to station throughout the past few days, I'm wondering if I already spent more than the card's value in fuel just trying to find a station that accepts it.

All I can speculate now is that, I possibly have a bad card and that I would be very concerned about ever using/recommending that anyone ever purchase a Valero Fuel card because, it appears almost impossible to use. Since I received the card, it was the only item in the glove box, of my vehicle. It was never near a magnet. You can cancel out my fuel card if you wish because, I give up on trying to use it. If it wasn't for the fact that I have seen three physical Valero fuel stations, I would have come to the conclusion that these cards are a total scam. I wish Valero the best in their "fuel card" business.

Very disappointed,
Charles B.

Valero Fuel Card VLxxxx
Fuel card # xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxx xxxx
The UPC code on the other portion is: 0-xxxxx-xxxxx-x


From: "Merrill, Deborah"
To: Charles B.*
Sent: Friday, November 21, 2008 10:02:43 AM
Subject: RE: Valero Gift Card (Fuel Card) malfunction concerns

You’re welcome. If you have a problem let me know and I can replace your card if it is damaged.

Thank you,
Debbie Merrill
Valero Energy
Accounting Clerk
888-207-7214 EXT 4685
Fax 210-370-4040

From: Charles B.* [mailto:cbxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com]
Sent: Friday, November 21, 2008 9:01 AM
To: Merrill, Deborah
Cc: Charles
Subject: Re: Valero Gift Card (Fuel Card) malfunction concerns

Hi Merrill,

Thank you for your e-mail/voice mail. I will try visiting Kelly's auto today and hope the card can be read. :)

Charles B.

From: "Merrill, Deborah"
To: Charles B.*
Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2008 2:23:42 PM
Subject: RE: Valero Gift Card (Fuel Card) malfunction concerns

I apologize for the problem you are having using your card. I did leave a voice mail message for you in reference to the card possibly being damaged or demagnetized which in this case we can replace it. Below is the station I called that said they do take the cards and the gentleman’s name was Freddie.

Store Name
Store Number
Store Info

FORT LEE, NJ 07024-6206
Diesel Available


(201) 461-6298

I hope this information will help.

Thank you,
Debbie Merrill
Valero Energy
Accounting Clerk
888-207-7214 EXT 4685
Fax 210-370-4040

From: Charles B.* [mailto:cbxxxxxxx@yahoo.com]
Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2008 11:49 AM
To: GiftCard
Cc: Charles
Subject: Valero Gift Card (Fuel Card) malfunction concerns


I received a Valero Fuel Card and attempted to use the card at the

"IZZAT SERVICE" Paterson, NJ, USA station. Prior to fuel up, they

stated that they did accept the card. After the fuel up, they stated

that they did not accept the card. I did visit another station in

Fairfield, NJ (ADPP) and the representative inside the store said that

my card is invalid. The response after he slid the card gave off a

"Declined" 56 or 65 message, if I recall correctly.

I'm really wondering where the card can actually be used in the USA

zipcode: 07501 (within 25 miles). I have verified that there is a $10

balance on the card by calling 866.650.6049. I would provide the number in this e-mail however, I worry about the security of the number so, I didn't post.

Very dissapointed,
Charles B
Fort Lee, NJ 07024
1 (201) xxx-xxxx


I have had the same problem with Velero two years in a row. I got gift cards last Xmas and the year befor that. It took me 6 month on both occasions to work out the problems with Velero. Tony


this happen to my girlfriend just this week she paid 100.00 for a gas card n now it's not working now. So don't buy a gas card from Valero.


Valero at 2007 Williamsbridge Road is the WORST!!!! They claimed to have given me a tune-up and as it turns out they didn't even take the bolts off sot that they could work under the engine, they did nothing, and of course being a woman, had no idea, but being their reputation is terrible I had another guy take a look and clued me in on how you can tell....well $320 later, I still need a tune-up...meanwhile they're trying to sell me new brakes and radiator and a bunch of stuff that didn't come up under the inspection report...well I got screwed, never again going to this service station not even for gas!! Can't get my money back thought I'd scream here...


Yes, Valero is the worse. I still refuse to use them and after all of your stories I am more convinced than ever that they should be boycotted!

Thank you for all of your responses. And Maura, vent away! Vents and rants are always welcome here...



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