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July 4th Gig

Yesterday was a work day for me. I hightailed it out to the Valley here in sunny LA to cater a gig for some colorful people. It was well over 100 degrees and I was a cranky little biddy because my bartender was over an hour late and I was down one other person to help set up because we had to send him out to make an emergency grocery store run. So, I became three people and set that sucker up, along with two lovely women, and got it DONE. Funny how I can always rely on the women. Strong women rule the world, don't you know?

It was the model bartender boy who cruised in late looking picture perfect whilst I was dripping sweat and already on my second shirt (I'm smirking here).

Now, I'm usually the all in black type when I work events, but I opted for the shorts and t-shirt combo that the rest of the staff wore. And Kathy don't do shorts! I would have worked in a freakin' bikini if I could have.
It was that hot


That said, I loved the people I worked with and the client was very happy. On the drive home, where I had no traffic which NEVER happens in LA, I stopped to watch the fireworks that were set off high above the Hollywood Bowl. I am always happy when I see crowds of people coming together to watch fireworks with that delicious childlike awe. They were everywhere on the streets and I especially liked all the people huddled together on the balconies of the restaurants I passed as they paused from their dinners to share a moment of celebration. I smiled the rest of the way home. I'm always a sucker for a little magic.


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Sounds like the perfect way to end a busy day !

Lookin' good girl!

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