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All work, no play...

Makes Kathy a cranky little tutu.

It's morning, I'm drinking my first piping hot cup of tea, and my body hurts in places I didn't even know existed. I'm beat out from a long day yesterday of catering. I am fairly well cooked. Today is my day off so I'm getting things done and it looks like I'm meeting up with Diva from Slow Travel who's in LA right now. That'll be cool. I could use some good chick chat.

I am dipping my toe into the world of on set catering for photo shoots. Yesterday I did a breakfast and lunch drop for a photo shoot on the beach in Malibu. It meant helping to get the food ready, making coffee, loading the van and then driving it to the site. We got there before the crew showed up and I have to say it was really nice to get out to the beach again. I got to hear the seals gabbing while they were basking away in the sun on the outer rocks. That alone made my day...

After setting up all the food for their breakfast it was then back to the kitchen to do it all over again for the lunch drop. Once lunch was finished it was back to the kitchen to unload the van and put everything away. I am not a woman who shies away from hard work, can you tell? That said, I can a very lazy Lima bean as well. It's all about that balance, no?

OK, so this is the unglamorous part of what I do. This is me in my catering whore mode. I haven't had time to teach any yoga lately. I haven't even been able to make it to a class! This will change soon. I am cranky without my yoga…

Sure, I get to see magazine photo shoots and celebrities and the like, but after a while a job is a job and at the end of the day I'm just happy to sink into a hot bath, drink my B&B and zone out on HBO.

Tomorrow I start a photo shoot marathon and then I have an event towards the end of the week that requires me to go into my boss lady in something fabulous mode, and one on the weekend that is for a private client I happen to adore. Once that's done I see some quality down time in my future.

I need a vacation!

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Hey, thanks for adding me to your fav's list.

I hear you girlfriend. Fast moving high powered high energy never let em see you snooze event support in a place like LA is KILLER. When I lived out there, all my east coast friends used to say, California is laid back, right? NOT. NOT. NOT. Not only do you have to work your tutu off, but you have to look fabulous doing it. Here is to you darling. Keep that energy moving forward and snooze and yoga when you can. Complimenti... you are a very cool girl.


Diana, Thanks for that! I'm in the middle of that photo shoot/event marathon and I just keep thinking about the fabulous Thai massage I'm going to treat myself to at the finish line to work out my pinched nerves!

Laid back? NOT!


Hey - I dropped in from SlowTalk and read your blog. I used to do location catering for commercial and movie productions and I found it was the most stressful work I have EVER done! There are lots of highs but I never had worked in a situation where there was such an incredible hierarchy and could not handle it. I worked for about 4 years off and on but I saw so many people get told off, so many people freak out, so many people had unreasonable expectations...I bailed! But reading your notes brought it back, so I had to respond...I hear your excitement and remember your pain!! (hey, but it sounds as though you are a woman who knows how to pace herself....)


Hi Debrah,

Thanks for the great comment!

Yes, I DO know how to pace myself. I'd go mad if I didn't.

I used to do on set catering for TV shows and I know what you mean. I worked for two crazy guys who used to both try and date me. I got out as soon as I realized what nutters they were. I loved the work, but they exhausted me!

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