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Because sometimes we suffer for love

Did I mention that I'm allergic to cats? Did I mention that I have two now, had three up until this past January (hurts even to type it) and that said cats sleep with me every single night? Did I mention I've had laser surgery on my sinuses to open things up, live on and off things like Flonase and have an intimate relationship with Sudafed?

Did I mention that I've been allergic to cats since I was, like, BORN?!

And then... and then... I come home to find this gorgeous creature curled up on my pillow (the one I sleep on) and I think to myself: Allergies? What allergies?

I would gladly sneeze and suffer for the rest of my life to have this kind of love beside me.


Real women keep cats

And real men get women who keep cats

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I'm lucky: no allergies. I'm poor: no cats.

I really want one! It's a matter of time...

Kathy, can't you get the shots to build a tolerance to the cats?



I've thought about trying shots. I've just heard mixed things about their success. I'd need to add dust mites, pollen and mold spores to the mix as I'm allergic to them too!

I've been scratched so many times by cats now that I am far less reactive than I used to be. Besides, they're worth it.

'And real men get women who keep cats'

Sometimes even real men get men who keep cats! LOL


Jerry, gotta love that!

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