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Guatemala anyone?

So, there I was yesterday at my favorite traveler's book shop, Traveler's Bookcase, feeling adventurous and wanting a place to go for a week. The woman working there tells me I'd love Antigua in Guatemala. She says it's "special" and that it has the things I'm looking for. She says she thinks it is right up my alley.

OK, so I buy a Frommer's book on Guatemala, spend all night online checking things out, get up this morning, book my ticket, and I'm a goin'. I'm leaving at the end of August for 8 days. I hadn't even heard of this place 24 hours ago and now I'm booked to go there. Crazy sh*t!

Kathy is doing Guatemala, baby!


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Wow! Go girl! How exciting!


sounds amazing


It IS exciting and I feel pretty amazing knowing I have a great adventure coming up!

I'm scoping out hotels right now. Fun stuff.

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